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We'd have to burp Oh that was airy sorry had to come out I was disgusted Baloney so I don't know I know eighteen then explain it yeah we've got we've got a mystery on our hands Oh God you know Holly alouine everybody it is and this is we are coming together as a family for the first time in how long all of us are here today Saberi to be together to celebrate Halloween like only we can I don't do reach around yet okay he looked me look me in the eyes and count to three one good okay cj look me it is now we're all connected so happy about it all right how do you feel about being connected great good it's been too long we are of course in Pristina Darling where the family comes home oh we'll get together to be together to be one and you already do this chopin give it to me Abso I down there the gay best friend you wish you had and no you need money now here is Ross Matt Hughes.

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