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So partly it was a fact-finding mission. If folks could tell that Josie was good, and this was all unnecessary fine. I don't I understand people's objections. I think sometimes you got to go on a fact-finding mission. And that's what this was. Yeah. And not horrible. But I can I can definitely see concerns. All right. Let's talk about although one more time. Monday dyers Mexican calling from Los Angeles, California. And my question do with Josie, although job with the Rams last two fights looked like a beast like his former self where do you see him going from here because essentially he's an position similar to Joseph entity is your right or is that they're always right now criminal the number one best fighter behind the champion. That's where all though is right now behind Holloway. You seem up to fifty five because matchups possibly trying to way too lightly pouch or do you see him staying forty five? Conrad went on Twitter saying you still so when is the possibility of all Dover, Connor UC to thirty seven to Kurt Tiba in soccer stadium. So that's my question much. Love have take care. Good tell you. I'm just not like, I don't hate it or anything. But like this thing we're like, oh, an event ends and Connor just gives his thoughts on it. And like I've react to it. It's like, I don't not that. I guess to say I don't care. It's not true. But I don't like especially care. You know what I mean? Yeah. A lot of fighters way in I feel like it you feel like I do get where we're where it's coming from. Because in a sense Conor McGregor is very he's not out. There tweeting like twenty four seven like hashtag give four. Oh, what a great right to shares opinion, of course. Yeah. So he might fight Josie. But so any tweets it does feel like oh shit. Like, you know, maybe maybe if he's on something here. So it's like, it's like, oh, you know, like the king has weighed in now in we all have to pay attention. It's also like, well, let's just his opinion. We should all move on with our day. We over we overemphasize. I think the importance of it to a degree that being said. What do we tribute this to without? Okay. Couple of things number one three round fights. I think is an important part yet. He is he doesn't have to conserve his energy. I think he he was conserving his energy a bit in those five around fights. I also got a bit content. I'll be honest with you. I think he got a little content to just win rounds? And and go about things he knows the end is I felt that way when he when he was fighting Frankish, and when he fought chance on John I just didn't really feel any urgency for him did get to finish the sort of. It was a bit of an yes, he did. I mean injury. Yes. To me three around fights number one. You know, here's a thing. He still fighting very good fighters Jeremy Stevens and now in the top. But it's a step down from the super championship caliber. So I'm not going to say it's easy competition. What I'm going to say is relative to the max Holloway's or Conor McGregor on that run. He was on. It is a step down from that. Okay. So there's that. But also do he's got like he's fighting with aggression, man. Like those body shots. He's landing. You saw. Album. He's it's not accidental dude. And he's gotten good at it. And he's just putting stuff behind it. So the thing is it's like I'm so glad this is happening because during that whole Conor McGregor chapter. I'm not saying this because I think in his mind, he knew how good Josie was. But the trash talk, which I get was part of the I don't begrudge him that. But some fans got convinced that like Josie was never fought anybody or wasn't that good. He's literally one of the best fighters ever. And you're finally getting a chance to see that. Maybe he's passed into the point where he can't beat max Holloway. Okay. But bro, he will put the wood to other other guys in this class..

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