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Now austin jackson will come up as a pinch hitter for watson chicken and the pitching coach why nevis out to the visit with kindly is jackson gets ready to back austin jackson there's never faced adam connolly before jackson who played last night and had a big rbi single that gave the giants the lead in the sixth inning of the game hitting two fifty four no homers thirteen batted in three twenty seven on base average you got a very fast runner at second base of base it to the outfield even with some good arms out there and you would figure that hanson should score now a fastball right down the middle for a called strike one one the cow jackson slightly open stance two on two out three two two giants the pitch swing and miss he threw the exactly the same specs that pitch to the same spot there and jackson swallow this one i didn't get it so it's only two now jackson two hits in twelve at bats as a pinch hitter now he takes high and just off the outside with a change up catcher holiday but the call was a ball in the strike zone said yes not a strike on the dirty it skips by holiday and the runners would advance the ball gets back behind him by twenty five or thirty feet hanson moves to third and side of all the second on a wild pitch so now a basic to the fuel could mean two more runs for the giants although pablo is not very fast the runner at second base to and to the counter jackson they've announced the paid attendance today at nine thousand seven hundred twenty six or do they announce it that way although i thought by rule baseball is supposed to announce the actual number of tickets sold but anyway they announced nine thousand seven hundred twenty six to do the count i did read something earlier this year the marlins they were gonna do it differently though just announced the actual number of people who attended now time has taken the catcher holiday out to the mound to talk to adam conley big spot here the modern still alive in this game three two two giants in the ninth inning but obey said sunday the giants would be much more comfortable.

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