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How you doing? I'm doing just fine. Thank you to sneak out over the weekend to see us. I didn't see us a whole bunch of friends of mine did and said, it was scary, scary scary, crazy. You know, what I was gonna try to take dad to see today. But it's not playing here is this Mumbai hotel thing. Oh, yeah. Can't talk. Only in very limited release. When does it go wide? I think it may. You may see it on Netflix or of one of the other streaming services before you see it in hotels. I'm not sure who finance. Okay. All right. Well that one I'm interested in. So maybe we'll go see Apollo eleven on the big screen. Yeah. That's that's the one to see this. This may be movie day for us. But what what's coming out on video? We got article man with Jason momoa, Jason momoa, let me admit right off the bat here. Okay. I know I am not target audience for Jason momoa Murphy. And that's us a lot more females than me. It's not just. Yeah. He's the ladies really like him a lot and really big ripped tattooed guy. But he's got his hair. Come on. They can with there. You don't have to look like that. But I can't let me I'm not going to dwell on that. I know I've I've been accused of being to focus on certain things. Okay. But okay, this is your basic superhero origin story, and I have to admit again that I was probably influenced by all those years of watching entourage on HBO where aquaman was just a punchline for bed superhero McBride. And and I think that's what this is. But fans disagreed and made this a big hit last year, it it's kind of it's almost Black Panther underwater in the basic outlines of the plot are very similar. We learned that you know, how Iko man came to be born his mom's, Nicole Kidman. She. Arrived at a lighthouse, blah, blah, blah. And then he has to do battle with his half brother to to keep the kingdom together in the keep the underwater people from fighting the people on the surface, and it is mostly just big special effects in CGI backgrounds, which to me turn it essentially into a cartoon. And and I don't take cartoon seriously most of them, and so that to me just kind of chat me from ever really getting any kind of emotional involvement with the story. Yeah. The effects are. Okay. But I've seen all of this before. And frankly, I just wasn't that impressed with it. Fans of superhero movies. And there are a lot of there are like this more than I do. That's just me. So keep that in mind. The CGI thing is off putting to me. I don't know. Why maybe it's because I'm not a video game guy. So it's just harder for me to watch it and accept it for what it is the aesthetic just doesn't work for. I think you hit it right there. Although. If I had just grown my hair out a little bit longer. Forget the gym forget, the gym grow at your hair. Suddenly, you are Fabio and everybody. Are the other movie on your list to second act? This is the jaylo Mana comedy this one. I missed theaters..

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