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The roadways be careful out there? That's traffic from the wools. Am a 90 traffics John, that's well done. It reminds me of the old days when we used to work in the mornings and you would arrive at the station, sometimes a little close to your first newscast like maybe five minutes before the newscast like 5 to 5. And I'd sit in my studio and I'd look in your newsroom and I think now is John going to do this? He has absolutely nothing prepared. A news boss. The software would have broken down. It wasn't working. Right? So, yeah, you talk in the old days where you didn't have to write your newscast. You know, back in the days, you know, before everything was fake news, and then I'd see you just whip open a sun times and you do an entire newscast by just giving through the first day of the Sun Times said. Now that's a pro. Right there. You feel anxious. New technology really screws guys like you and me, because then when the screen goes down, especially in the news department, the traffic department then you're really out of luck. For the old days, you had the teletype that seldom broke down. That's right. Iran a paper because Nick Gale, when fill it with paper, but you to sell them broke down, right? Now I've got good news and bad news. My traffic sight is back up. So that's the good news. But the bad news is that if I insisted on doing the traffic, it would waste more time. Take him way more time from the show. John worry news and talk station and the traffic is news in Chicago. So please have just do the hot spots. So Tyler will play the traffic sounder again, and I will do the hot spots. The inbound Kennedy jams up at Ohio inbound Eisenhower jams at Ashland. North bound on I 55 gem between Webber Road and Veterans Parkway because of crash walking the left lane Outbound Stevenson, slow between Western and Pulaski, the tristate north bound Slow between the mile Long Bridge and Ogden where they're cleaning up after an earlier accident that is traffic from the wools and made 90 traffic center. Sports talk his back. Stay up to date with fighting line nightly clean with the voice of the fighting a line I Brian. Good evening, Everybody. Welcome Saturday nights at 9 90 double. L s if you're healthy. Mornings on wools, Man cows 6 to 9. Now that we have a new governor, I think you get up around 40 people a day, leaving with all the new taxes this plant nine to Russian government by media. Now it's the cable Across.

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