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Or became. An these chiefs are going to get anywhere close to twenty zero. And that's what is really about but anything close to the super bowl. One of the things that they've got to improve everett zone. Defense is is been a struggle for them was a struggle for them last year. It cost the at times and we saw it in the super bowl. Catch them in multiple ways of passing and running the football That's that's got to be something that has to change and improve for them to get to where they want to get to run. You've been talking about twenty. Oh you've been talking about the super bowl we've been talking about them being the golden state warriors. All these things right. None of that matters that they can stop a nose bleed the red zone and last year. They were not just bad in the red zone. They were historically bad. The only team in the last decade to allow touchdowns at a higher rate in the red zone van last year's chiefs was the twenty eighteen tampa. Bay buccaneers the only team. They were the second worst over the last decade when it came to allowing touchdowns in the red zone and one of the issues is once again. They couldn't stop the run and so over the last week. Or so. you've heard a lot of chiefs. I heard from steve spagnolo today. You heard it last week from tyrant. Matthew anthony hitchens was one of the guys talked about this. They are emphasizing this in a big way this offseason starting now in. Oj's and then they're going to continue to do so all the way into training camp one thing that asked to get better as i said was that is that running game. Baid sixty three carries against them ron last year in the red zone. Fourteen of those sixty three resulted in a touchdown twenty-five resulted in i now so those sixty three carries about forty of them ended up with either a first down or touchdown. You don't have to be mathematician. That's like two thirds of the carries against them in the red zone ended up being successful. Play that is horrible. I mean horrible. And so if you're looking for one area where this defense can improve next year vats it. They were pretty good with turnovers. They were pretty decent in terms of like their overall success rate on an any individual play between the twenty once. They got into the red zone though they were without question the worst events the nfl and the part that is annoying to cheese fans is maybe disagree but because they just got two good players for that to be the problem right. You're even last year right. They just had their defensive line was one of their strengths. If not their strength on on on on the on the deeds is they just get run through. And i'm gonna be honest with it. I i go to a lot of the stars and the top guys and i think ettelaat moments like that in ease. Probably my favorite chief. I didn't chris. Jones get selfish down there a lot. And the reason why. I could relate to it because when i was at blue springs high school under the tutelage oh yeah eat jones. While i'm not saying. I was there chris jones. That was not an when state championship. But i was not there chris jones. I headed chris. jones mentality. I'm rushing the passer every time. That's what i'm doing. I you know. I was not a good play against rockers. Because i am. I am rushing the passer. Every tom coming around and i'm leaving my gap wide open. 'cause i doing rips and swims to to get to the passer and i think chris jones for too often is looking to make a big play looking to make the big play instead of just being right there and leaving gaps in holes available in a lot of times. You see guys. just run right. Where he was or he is. And i think there's a lot of rushing the passer a lot of let me let me try swoop around and make a big play in the backfield but you leave your whole gap completely wide open. And so i. I really look at a guy like him who i think is one of the most important players on this team and i think the best player on the defense gets selfish down there because he's trying to make a big play and listen to understand it because that was my philosophy but that that hurts them down there in christian test to pick it up. And i think that's why you're seeing the reports now that he might kick out the defense of amore. Allston like on rundowns first and second down in particular. I think you're gonna see a lot of that this year. They signed jarran reed. Which is one of the most underrated signings of the era. That's he's a big. He's a big monster. Bic a bit good he can he can play so i think that's a huge signing and it gives them so much flexibility with christian jones. Because now you can kick jones outside. It's the first time we talked about this for a couple of years now but it's the first time we're all off season. It has been a plan. Apparently of having chris jones significant snaps out on the outside so he can learn. Okay here's what. I need to do against the specific formation. Here's what i do in this in this scheme like. He has more time to understand what his responsibilities are. Prestigious back all defensive in now as opposed to when he's learning the week of the titans game and looks horrible whenever he's out there at defensive end. I don't think he's gonna look that way this year. So you're going to see more of him outside. You're gonna see more jarran reed with derek nadi on the inside. That makes you much better against the run. And they've got guys. Like willie. Gay nick bolton who should be much better at flowing the football this year than the linebackers they've been thrown out there in recent years. This stephen should be much improved against the run. But ever that before ya it should be the least man at least in that part of it at least in that area. You've got like the with this team. And this offense the ability to force threes besides sent. You ain't gotta be great the ability to force threes instead of seven. That's a win for this huge. Because they that's when that's when coaches on the other side start freaking out. Oh god i gotta take chances. All gotta gotta do i gotta do more because putting up threes threes in their stuff. Like that is that is that is just huge. They've got a they've got to buckle down right there by the way the christians say i love i love the moving him around aspect one built like teens started to kind of understand where he was going to be in what they could do and how you could frustrating And because i remember the first time he played..

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