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And her YouTube channel and working with agencies and you'd hear them talk about it these like sixteen seventeen year olds. And they're like, Nope, I understand how I have to run my business on YouTube and how You Tube is just a platform for me to pick up an audience. They understand the importance of like collaborating with other people and the importance of like market share stuff, and it's wild to hear them talk about it because when people think of YouTube creators just think people sitting in front of a camera and talking and it's become just a huge, huge, huge factory for turning out people who are just as big as media executives. I like actual media executives. So this is really, you obviously know far more YouTubers than I do. But I know if you and I always think of it as the darkness, there's the person you mean. And there are often lovely people and they hang out and what do I do? You know, talk shit about cameras with them like I can do like that's like an easy way to make friends than eat Uber for me. And then there's sort of like YouTube persona, which is often that same persona just like turned up a few notches and much louder. They're all yelling now. And then there's what I think is the darkness which is there's like a ruthless business person just waiting to talk to you about CPM's and branded content deals and how they grow the channel to a certain size, the unlock another category of business deal that they can do. I understand it. But again, we work at a media company that we helped start. So I see it, but we are insulated from it because we make journalism at no point is like our revenue tied the same thing. And so I'm like, I can't tell if I should be extraordinarily impressed because this is a whole set of skills that I just don't have and was. Ever asked to to build or if I should just be terrified that like another twenty two year old I'm hanging out with is basically the world's Smith Roussel ruthless media executives. And it's, I think it's good or bad. I just always think of it is dark. The craziest thing to sunny bring that up. When I think about the fact that like I care to know about what a company's revenue is or like how they're using certain things to increase page views. It's such a New York media subject like, oh, no, one else cares about this other than other journalists on YouTube, the audiences care so much about like CPM in like social blade, statistics, social tracks in, it's basically to analyst from it because it's in every video, like its creators are very open about when they're getting paid when they're not getting paid, how they're getting paid, how much other people are getting paid. So one of the big topics with like Logan, Paul, when it popped off with all these you to careers talking out his CPM Google preferred, what this man is sponsored like. And you've got these fourteen year olds commenting, and they understand what's going on and look, I wouldn't have given a crap, but I was fourteen about house was getting paid. And so it's so interesting because YouTube is its own little insular world where everyone understands the lingo of the company and the business model, and it's just a ongoing daily conversation with like everyone's open about their CPM..

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