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Let's see the result here the ufc first of all which took place on saturday. Islamic jeff defeated the noise. Ace rear naked in the fourth round. That was the main event. Caesar lights islam. Shift the prize. Pupil of Hub dinner magnate. Who's now kind of turned into a mentor. And coach won't be should be defeated. Marian rhino returned after almost five years. Retirement no is now retired. So bowl ladies going in different directions. We should take her in brown reads. He kale stops their materials. Go umbrella defeated. Jeremy stevens wick air submission moron. I'm not sure. What happened. In jeremy stevens submission machine or something I before he got in some trouble. Rodolfo vieira defeated dustin Mission there naked joking around three. Billy born pillow defeated gabriel benitez. Tko stoppage there. Around three out. The dan tommy. All that twenty two one. Bit rodriguez defeated preston. Parsons amanda lima's defeated montserrat release sergei morals off defeated khalid top malcolm ward defeated francisco. Urenco rodrigo alum but dull templates overall. We lost due to injuries. Coeds up shit. So that's why we only it was a quick night work although did feel like. They stretched it out at times. Because i tuned in at four pacific ready to watch fights and then i was informed that the miles. John's fight at been taking off and so we really didn't get going for like four forty five adam but overall. It's just hard to ever say boy. Last night sobbed anaya fights watching the with the year in vegas. Your thoughts Rain event islamic defeated the choice. I think overall when you think about the card on paper when it was announced and then spiked dropping off. I think considering all that. It was a lot better car than i anticipated. Every fight had kind of like a different angle to. It was a lot of fun or finishes there. Were story lines. I actually was talking to somebody and we're talking about how good the card when we got to the main event it's that i don't know you know this one might be user but i was going to entertain by the main event to like i felt like the whole card delivered but but the main event man manca chef is just i dunno where he gets this cardio. It's insane the way bites means the tough out. People don't wanna fight him so we have to figure out what we're going to do with a guy like that but we had some moments. I think when he goes back any looks at Man if i just capitalized here i would have done this one done that but i think a lot of people would look like that against maka shops so it was a fun night and I thought the main event was was pretty decent. What really helped makushok was getting that finish. You're not gonna try and kick his head a little bit more once in the first round. I think you got got him the body but that was about it. Some overhand rights Pretty much just got to a point where he led marcus dictate the pace and the fight. mukasa look very comfortable in there and not the big concern with the voice was bringing to the table. And i'm thinking look if you're not going to beat them standing you're certainly not gonna beat him with him on top of you take him down you know or try to take him down Which he did but to no avail. These gets donnie fighters like habib Somebody's gonna have to figure out some sort of a recipe to get these guys down another great great wrestler especially great rousers But i'll still find back the dsp just at the ability to take dumb rate khalid. All americans collegiate national champions. Collegiate two-time champions. He wanted to get you down. He gotcha down middleweights. It didn't matter. He found a way a lot of it had to do with. Just how explosive is what he was the timing there are openings there not easy but i. I just don't see that if if you're not winning the stand up and you don't get microchip down. You're probably not gonna win the fight Yana a general martin's is at you know success against macher chef Now eight and he calls out tony ferguson. And by the way you had a different Zeal for the fight. Because dan how you said it kind of it. Kind of a are a little bit impressed by the fight in entertained. But dan hucker said the opposite. He said he was bored. Any added on fast forward. I think just a back at hand because earlier in the week maka chefs said who when asked about dan hooker so it was a nice little job back on. I really really liked. Dan hooker in his approach to the game. He actually manages himself last. I know so if he does it all on his own. But i thought that i thought that was pretty plenty but going back to you. Know what's next for marcia. He called risen. Who's lost thinking. I know there's history there with a b but that does seem bizarre that that gets Title shot in a way. It does eat. He's of like one of those bizarre fighters whether it's just like nobody really wants to fight him You have a name in tony ferguson. And he's a guy that's willing to fight them and you have a little bit of a storyline right. Because how many times we sit back thinking habib until ferguson graphite while they never came around to it habib retired. But this is this might be the next closest thing right in a way of your the. Ufc you might be able to sell How about habib being there in the corner staring. I'm down that whole time that whole week. There's a little bit that you can do here. But you have to figure out what you wanna do with market chef right because you can't just keep giving them these fight on ten fight win streak before these topics eventually. You have to do it for me. If you're gonna put him in a title fight at or sorry a main event fights that's the next step you know. I think the ufc's already saying accept accepted that a style is like this. But i think they're starting to put a little bit more effort in front of and i would think that maybe a name like tony ferguson. Might help him a little bit. But you're right given what tony ferguson has done. I wouldn't say that It defied he really deserves but mawkish has been very clear that nobody wants to find him. So that that might just be your angle. Hey nobody else wanted it so we added to this. I think if tony could beat islam definitely steer the ship in a different direction and it would be funny to maybe get In i don't think enough to drop out of retirement but to say i got one hundred team so i think tony bergerson should be interested in a fight like this of it'll be contested on the ground or tony's a little too comfortable to be honest But maybe in a scramble. Maybe he can get a top position on locker shower. Maybe.

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