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Posey got him again. I'm listening to the morning about Joey Votto. Oh, yeah. He's got this swing of his like chopping wooden stopping what the hell mentally? He's destroyed. Mentally doesn't exist. Maybe he'd intervention like maybe he had the president on Anita and intervention from the Democrats. He might be watching too much NBC and CNN sit downs. The problem sit down, Joey Votto for a few games and say Joey. Sit down and watch this any Louisville getting straight, Scott shetler Tara to cover off the ball down there. Now as he really I bring them up. Hit pretty good, bring them up. Now. Saying send him down send him down send him down. Bring them up. Now, I say, bring them up bring them up. Now, Rachel off their retiring about Detroit. Operation trailblazer. You're wearing this shirt we, we went out. We had a community service initiative at Fox Sports, Ohio or Fox Sports, Detroit, and we would go out to the community and help, you know, either build a playground or paint a school, what condition is Detroit in. It was bad enough that they would hire a bus so that we did not have to take our own vehicles, because our vehicles, and ourselves would be unsafe in the neighborhoods, we were going, so they would hire a professional driver. And a big almost like tour bus to take all of us down from our office in a safe suburb to the inner city for ninety years. The democratic party's been in charge of the city of Detroit. House hell they done. It's going so well, that border patrol.

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