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On a six yard gain. It's first and ten ball in the near hash, Mark, right? Zucchinis in motion. It's a hand onto Sakiz going on the end around on the left side, zacchaeus running outside the left hash Mark, manages the we've is way and scoot ahead of the thirty three where he's going to pick up before before, Sean. I don't want to come over to make the tackle former walk. God is transition to an all conference linebacker for the Panthers. Zagging out six yards to go inside a ten minutes to play now in the second quarter of a seven seven times on the left hash, Mark. The Cavaliers will break huddle. With Chris sharp line of wildlife for Perkins a pistol formation. He's got jewelry wide, right. Breed matched up on Hamlin there. Now the hand off up a middle and Jordan Ellis manages to fight and claw the middle of the defense for a couple yards. Flight comes in after the play. We said things were getting chippy here. This looks like a personal foul, and it looks like it's going against the jackets judging by the reaction, I should say the Panthers here. Let's get our ruling from our referee Riley Johnson who has been the busiest guy in the stadium here tonight. There's no foul play down picked up. The flag seen eleven penalties mandate. They can't even hold onto the flag. When there aren't penalty stages wanna call eight they want to call something just to be calling. They are used to it. They don't know what to do with themselves when there's not a penalty. So I don't know what they saw. But they picked it up. It was a three yard gain is now third down in three again for the who's who already converted on two occasions here tonight on four tries Virginia team that came into this game. Amongst the best on third down conversions at forty eight percent twelfth in the nation. Perkins goes out of the shock and has got to wa going in motion left or right. He's in the slot. Averaging example, use timeout lamesa Kia saw something he there was some confusion and frustration from that Virginia benches. Mark Ottawa the running backs coach was frustrated Virginia hats talk shop here. So the Cavaliers burn their first time out of the night with twenty four to play here in the second quarter of a savage seven time, we will check in with them. Cavaliers looking at third down and three yards to go going from their own thirty six when we come back. Stop. Crushing.

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Panthers, Mark Ottawa, Cavaliers discussed on Rob Pratte

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