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And so we go back. Even further in history with another famous researcher who's been honored internationally for his work on wrecks shipwrecks europeans. Who came here by mistake or accident and sometimes lived through. The horror is dr jeremy green in fremantle. Congratulations on your international award. What's its name. It's the order of the irish missile. Given by the dutch while it was presented to me by ambassador netherlands she came over here and it was the presentation from the king of the netherlands. Obviously the king couldn't come here. A message was sent yes. It was an enormous honor. I'm gonna say the invitation went out to everybody that we are having a book launch and the dutch ambassador come to fremantle a make the presentation and that was going to be a special announcement and we will thought it was going to be founding or legislation and so the book launch went ahead and the ambassador started finished launch. And she said and now you've heard about presentation well it's not bad legislation on. It's not about funding. And she looked at me and she says all you that point just about fell off my chair. Well of course. It was their ships bumping into australia. All the time on their way to the spice islands beck in the seventeenth century. Yes absolutely and the embassy's being very kind to us in sense of supporting a lot of the projects that we did. The batavia is partially restored. Well as an awful lot of it actually here. isn't it. yes it's here in the building. We started excavating it in the seventy one. And it took about three four years of excavation work and then conservation and then rebuilding it in the gallery here in this wonderful shipwrecks museum g. Lots of visitors yes. I mean. we've done very well actually tickly because the when the new museum was being built here about the nine museum closed down and of course the shipwrecks and maritime museum to museums and fremantle were both capterra from that period so we got a lot of visitation up until of course when covid could do tell the story of some of the horrors associated with the batavia the crew the captain zone. Yes really surprising that they've never made a hollywood movie out of it because it's got all the necessary ingredients for it. The ship is wrecked. The sophist get ashore. The captain the command pelser decides with all of the senior offices. Some women and actually are probably infant. Only a few months old. So it would have been born on the voyage. Set out to search for water ostensibly as i couldn't find water on the broncos they sell to the main nine could find and while they were on their way to behavior the notorious jeronimus cornelius to massacre the survivors and quite extraordinary story. And so by the time pell back they killed about a hundred and sixteen hundred and twenty people men women children and it was just fortunate that the final sort of set piece to this was the mutineers. We call mutinies. They're not really is but anyway. These people under the leadership of cornelius were taking a group of soldiers had been isolated from the main party because they were soldiers. They knew what they were doing. And they attacked them and cornelius was captured by the mutineers. And just as things happening passau in the q ship sails into the bike and at that moment the mutineers get into one boat and the leader of the soldiers gets into another boat and they severing rice. Get to the rescue. I and fortunately the commander of soldiers got their first worn pelle. Sort of the thing. Mutinous were captured. Some of them are executed. They will sell back to batavia and there of them for their doom. 'cause many of them executed in batavia. Full the part that they took in the mutiny absolutely extraordinary story. There was a little bit of investigation of a possible link with the crew in landon. Possibly the joined aboriginal. People is still going on those happing settled. Well it's three different dot shipwrecks. That might have had some sort of connection with the aboriginal people. The batavia's relatively unlikely because there was no need to mutineers. They considered too young to minor and they were abandoned on the mainland by pelser on his voyage. Back to batavia but of course there was the old rack in sixteen fifty six. Where a large number of people got to shore and lots of evidence that surviving material on the mainland so they were one group of people and the other of course is this out outta where everybody despoiled. They just disappeared. You know as never heard of again. It's a very tricky story. Because of course he also had people from indonesia coming down with intented labor. And i guess one day. Somebody's going to try. And sort out the dna story but haven't got a few weeks ago inside show. We passed the plans for the sixteen. Sixteen sircar dog the island. Bree militating an awful lot of the natural history. And i think that celebrates one of the oldest collisions overdubbed chip took hotoke collision. Not quite right. 'cause he he actually just arrived and shot by now up a pew to play on cape inscription then sailed off. So he didn't he didn't wreck. Nope i encounter well of course staff can before that but they first recorded evidence of a european on the australian coast is actually dakar talk daft. Can we live from journals that they d go contact on golf cart terrier but a secondary sources not original journal. We sat about sixty nine or something. That's right yes and i think. Some of the recording of that is in the national maritime museum in sydney. Yes yes that's right. Yup what are they play. If you want to visit well close. They have the replica. Of the daphne. Now yes that sabena. Big an area of contention for a lot of west. Australians that you know the ship was built here and this was a group of people to volunteers work on mckinnon and off. It goes to sydney and nothing to do typical. Isn't it. yes well see the other thing about it is i suppose there's always this perennial thing with you know. The captain cook discovered australia. Which is something that you know how long we've been trying to educate the people in these states that the europeans first year pits to discover australia were dutch. Not counting is even the landing buccaneer in sixteen ninety nine. I think yes william damp here as he was the famous william dampier who had all sorts of interesting adventures. How many other wrecks are out there. That you've yet to go search for is or is it impossible now not really. it's an interesting situation. When we started hearing nine hundred seventy one we really get caught. Also reports every year off shipwrecks and gradually numbers being dropping down and finding now the wrexham more in deep water with being found by more complex methods and technologies. But what's interesting about. It is that we know that in westralia from the records research has been done by this department there are about one thousand five hundred shipwrecks that have occurred from newspaper records request circle records some sort we found about two hundred ninety three hundred so it's still quite a lot there but they're going to be very hard to find. So congratulations again on the question. Do you still go out into the field or you comfortable in your wonderful building very comfortable in my wonderful building. I'm not doing so much filbert these days when you're getting close to being eighty it's a certain limitation as to what you can do. We can call you captain nabet. Thank you and congratulations again. Thank you dr. Jeremy green at the shipwreck museum in fremantle now have been wondering how they managed to put that batavia story together for insect work on a massive scale..

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