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NPR news Columbia South Carolina this is NPR news good morning from the BBC in London on repeat Jones with B. B. C. top line a few stories we're following this hour Russia and Turkey are trying to defuse tensions in northern Syria offered deadly airstrike kills thirty three Turkish troops yesterday the strike came from the Syrian side which is supported of course by the Russian military it's a mess that ended that it's all a consequence of that president assets determination to re take as much of the province as he can of course it does raise the possibility the prospects the very grim prospect of Turkey and Russia coming to blows which is why this has quite significant international repercussions Paul Adams stock markets across Europe the registering significant losses reflecting concern about the corona virus Asian shares of also traded down China says the number of people there who've been cured and discharged from hospital has surpassed the number of new infections for a tenth day in a row health officials in China are sounding optimistic but even if they need to do more to track patients who appear to have recovered from the virus since some patients test positive again later on Celia Hatton meanwhile South Korea is rolling out drive thru virus testing stations across the country often early versions often proved false and effective people who suspect they have the virus control to a testing booths staffed by workers in protective medical care the test takes about ten minutes in London on rope you Jones the BBC on the next fresh air our interview with eighty Bryant a cast member of Saturday Night Live and star of the series shrill the second season is now streaming on Hulu and we celebrate the ninetieth birthday of jazz guitarist and singer Marty gross and listen back to his fresh air performance of songs by fats Waller join us the pressure is one PM and again at seven PM here on KQ weedy it's a Friday morning current San Francisco temperature fifty nine Sacramento tap at forty five and it's four forty four good morning I'm Steve Inskeep Britney culture of fort Collins Colorado gave her six year old daughter an old phone to play with perfect for a kid's imaginary calls but de activated phones can still dial nine one.

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