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He's got his head down show him an awful lot of this is the last time you're going to see him on the mom here and when he comes he's living notices one I don't know if the shoulder went the knee went the hip when all went though and so it looks like he is done or the Yankees down that's the question eight three they lose their down three games to one a lot going on here what happened to the offense was asked of Erin judge because they've come up small in big spots the to say facing a position we just weren't so you guys on base for just missing the one they can you know something you so they'll do the night as they got their big hits one and you know some traffic on the on the basis the good news is that was a Yankee fan growing up yeah I was yeah the Yankee fan maybe he can be Yankee starting next year one of those big hits the judge was alluding to that the Yankees didn't get the Astros did from George Springer the home run we play this was Josh Reddick big thing for him as it had been the in the you know the best hitter in his mind this whole series but anytime you can do damage like that one swing and for not having the best series of those those are obviously big big pickups for him now if you go back to a couple years ago on these two teams played it was a complete series of winning on your home field this is been different as the Astros are taking games three and four the stadium Reddick again somewhere and you take the first to someone from the team like this in their home park and you know this is one of the hardest place to play on the road atmospheres you know you know very intense and very unique so it's makes a big statement we come in here and do that and they did it to early on against Masahiro Tanaka here was Erin bone I thought he battled well you know I thought you know they're they're made pretty good contact with a minor in and have a lot of strikeouts so we get our summer going our grief you did battle and we saw the game the same way bachelor a battler for sure here is of born again just talking about with the team and and not getting it done Erin how disappointed as a to have this kind of a poor performance on the stage I I mean I think I just said it we didn't you know we didn't play well tonight and it's frustrating but in the playoffs you need to get past that you need to you need to flush and forced a game and move on to game five tonight nears bone you know we talked about as a team we need to get over the center hurry income put our best foot forward tomorrow and then now we played CC coming off the mound here is going on about the yeah yeah it's a it will get it see more about it but you know it's not good with the shoulder not good at all so you'll get Justin Berliner in James Paxton Mr mean face tonight at the stadium all the coverage here on the fan meantime it looks like dusty Baker's might not once but twice with the Phillies and I think was Joel Sherman that road to judge already met with the Mets on Wednesday NFL chiefs and Broncos last I really no contest thirty to six Kansas city wins it they go to five into Denver down at two one five but here was Patrick mall homes are getting injured Marcus Robinson comes.

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