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It's not clear, and and you know, last time I checked I mean, Alabama. I think we all keep waiting for them to take a step back. We waiting for. They did they lost a game last year. I yeah. I mean, you know, and then oh that staff turnover is going to catch up with them sooner or later, is it really I mean, you know. And yet. So I, but I do think based on the last two games. You just see how the last two games came to these programs or head to head from a competitive standpoint. And it's just gonna take one time, you know, for Georgia's to to be able to get over that hump. And if they do I think, you know, everything is there waiting for them. But they've got to get through Alabama. And I think they'll have that opportunity again the here again, Georgia's there in Kirby has done a great job. But that the issue right now is the rest of the east is not able to to hang and I don't see that happen this year. I think Florida's still has work. Do I think Tennessee definitely has worked to do in the rest keys as work to do to to upset that right now. And in the meantime, there were just holy fixated on on Obama. You told the truth right there at the end ship, and we get it. And for good reason. Why why shouldn't they be well? Yeah. And and look, I I think Kirby downplays relationship Nick save, and and his time there and everything now, I think we're starting to see a little bit of a push away though behind the scenes that yes interesting remarks as past week if the Athens touchdown club, you know, that I heard secondhand. And what it what it and saying, well, I mean, I just I just think he's starting to push away from the mothership. You know what I'm saying? You know, this is mine, and and and we're doing things our way we're not necessarily doing everything the way that they did it Alabama. We've got our own way of doing things, and and you just since that that separation, and and, but I think he takes very very serious in in wanting to be able to beat the mentor, and they downplay it, and they talk about it every time they made it. And each other. But I think behind the scenes that's a driving force for thirty smart. No doubt chip towers joining us. Thank you very much gray tabby on. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast the news breaking at quite a pace today. We now know it is a fish oil that Joe alita is leaving LSU the school making it official just moments ago with more statements king Alexander. We are grateful to Joe for his years of service and dedication to LSU under his leadership. LSU athletics has become even more nationally competitive and our our student athletes have reached new levels of academic achievement. Leyva had this to say the eleven years Anne, and I have been here in Baton Rouge have been some of the best in our lives. We have made life long, friends and memories in Louisiana. This is truly a special place. It's been an honor to serve LSU and I'm proud to continue to do. So. In a new role. So now that that's official the speculation all over the map about what will happen next. Scott woodward. Of course is a Baton Rouge native. He's a graduate Avila shoot. He just has made two of the biggest hires in modern SEC history with JIMBO Fisher, and then two weeks ago buzz we we had him on the show nine days ago talking about the future of Texas M athletics. Under those two coaches, we're joined now by Billy Lucia who covers that beat better than anyone and Billy. Thank you very much. Appreciate you coming on. And the first question is the obvious question. What do you know about Scott Woodward's future isn't going to stay or will? He be wooed away by LSU. I think boring. I wrote about it on my side..

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