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Close to schedule our next update is in less than ten minutes and carry Moses in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center time now for a check of eyewitness weather sponsored by FC kerbeck before cats now from C. B. S. threes Tiffany Simona holder and windy on your Sunday we'll see a mix of sun and clouds as high temperatures time to forty two degrees wind chills will likely however in the thirties for much of the day clouds will increase to nine and some patchy light snow and flurries will be possible for areas north and west of the city little to no accumulation expected we've got to thirty three by Monday morning Monday afternoon partly cloudy and breezy highs around forty six and then on Tuesday a little bit colder highs around forty two with rain and snow developing late in the day currently here the broadcast center overcast and forty only inching up to forty two this afternoon smart money buys now it FC kerbeck a twenty nineteen XPS from twenty four nine ninety yes twenty four nine ninety five and nineteen X. TS kerbeck is your luxury for less dealer our catalyzed has a thorough inspection back with a money back guarantee the FC kerbeck can get one call one eight hundred Kerr back check back two three four times a day depend on KYW newsradio three things to know at five fifteen it's raining a bit nostro yet providing some relief from the devastating wildfires people head to the beach is they're not for enjoyment but safety use stream ice cream we all scream for the golden globes which feature an unprecedented number of Dominis from streaming services this time around recapping our top.

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