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State. Because it's the only new resources and how difficult it is. He squeezed everything we have at everything we had. And i could go on and on. I could talk for hours about him. And his just how meticulous and precise he was back. In the old days you remember when oklahoma and was running the bone in nebraska was trying to bludgeon here with the i formation and colorado's running that buffalo bone. He was throwing the ball. He was totally different than everybody else. And then when everything started going to more throwing the football that's when the wildcat offense came into play a lot of people don't realize the wildcat formation started at kansas state. That's where it started so anyway. There's a lot of interesting things about the man. He never tuned his own horn. He was all about business and One day i'll say up at the guy if he told you something you could take it to the bank and this day in time. That's that's a very hard thing to find and so anyway. That's my opinion. Paul and let me say one last thing you know if you were to ask some men that are on that list. What they think about bill snyder for example. Ask tom osborne or maybe ask bill mccartney colorado or maybe ask Mack brown texas. Maybe bob stoops. Oklahoma and even vary switzerland at at oklahoma and i know berry sister would say he. He made it clear when they said we'll bill snyder. It's got to be the coach year. This year and barry switzer who was used to beating kansas state by sixty or seventy points every year that he's not just the coach of the year. He's not even the coach of the decade. He's a coach of the century. And so up my words. That's bills at switchboard. So that's just a thought. I had and I'm a no way saying you have a right to your own opinion. But i just felt like i wanted to say that to plow. People know who that man is. He always flew under the radar and kind of the way he liked it but only to speak up in behalf of coach schneider and so anyway that's What i had to say. Well john first of all i can't thank you enough One thing that I've always believed in his trying to always learn something and i. I knew i interviewed coach. Snyder i people that have worked with him but I didn't know a lot of what you told me. And it's very valuable to hear that and you're right there their opinions But i am far more learned today that i was an hour ago about coach nighters career. Yeah well it's it's he's he's really fascinating person if you were ever around him and i i'll share this with you because i think you'll find it interesting. When he flew me out to interview sitting in his office and i always knew about was very businesslike very punctual very precise color wildcat time which meant five minutes early and anyway he said. I've got to take this phone. Call john i'll be right back and he left and i'm looking around his office and there were no pictures brag pictures of who. I've coached and who i know. There are no football pictures. All that was in his office were video tapes everywhere he watched film meticulously and i noticed one picture in his office. It was a color print of pinocchio. Walt disney's pinocchio. And i'm looking at that picture thinking. What is the significance of this. Am mind's racing and he soon came back and so i asked him about the picture of pinocchio and he kind of smiled and he gave me kind of naval answering very private person very private person and he gave me some little answer soon. Figured it out the myself. He's japan and this program. Is that wooden boy who he's going to give lives to and he looks at that picture every day he's gonna give this program live and guy she did. I'm gonna tell you what There were a lot of people lining up to the placate state. I know the first time i was there. I remember her. Remember rod ryan the old buddy ryan's one of his sons wrecks his brother he was a defensive coordinator at oklahoma state and he basically talked about are we. We had really good linebacker core and our linebacker coach by the way paul was a young coach. A young twenty seven year. Old named brent venables man. He was our linebacker coach. And i knew. I really felt like even then when i worked with him at that time. This is the future head coach. This guy's going to be a teacher head coach anyway. Brent had a pretty good linebacker pour la was running in his mouth like he and his brother liked to do. Sometimes sarah kind of like did i do i do. I do actually like both of them. But rob was basically saying. No big deal is about the these linebackers at kansas state. Not one of those three guys start for us here in oklahoma state. Well of course that was put all over the all over the board now. I think the foul school was fifty six to seven. I think kansas state. I think i was the file but Anyway but anyway. There are a lot of a lot of good experiences and You know you're good for college football. 'cause you get people talking about it and interested in it and like i said i was born and bred in the south and play in the sec and coach at georgia for nine years. And toast the guy that you come across once named david pollock. I was his position coach. Georgia so anyway. That's a little bit about myself and I really wanted to call about coach. I have. I had the highest regard for him. He was as consistent individuals. I ever worked for with and his word was his bond. And you knew what to expect every day. There were no no surprises. And that's one thing. I really appreciate about him on life. Perhaps some the other coaches with john. I can't thank you enough. I would love to have a few more conversations. You'd be well Heading to a break was that was really interesting. And it's just fascinating to hear from someone on the inside. 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