Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is officially one of the NBA’s best young players

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With Gilders Alexander Alexander. I liked him as a prospect. I did not love him. And that's because of the jumper aspect I was like well. How real is this? He shot over eighty percent from the free throw line which is encouraging he had. Good touch on floaters layups which he still does. And that was encouraging he did shoot forty percent from three at Kentucky is just the had this. It's kind of like ugly looking form especially off the dribble and you wondered how much as a guard he could be a shock creator but even today you watch lots Gilders Alexsandr and you think about like the the construct of a guy like him at six foot six lanky with with at the time a questionable shot it it was hard to come up for successful comparisons for him in the NBA for what he could grow into. But a lot of Rondo right like that was a Rondo or even like you could have said even like a Michael Carter Williams. You could have said somebody like that too. And you know. Granted Carter Williams has had some good moments as without the reliable jumper. That's what's limited him as an offensive player. You could have said Shaun Livingston a highly successful player and I thought Gildas Alexander would be a success but this much this soon averaging nearly twenty points per game with efficiency doing what he's done. It's it's incredible to see that rapid development from year to year as a freshman at Kentucky to a rookie with the clippers. I am now a second year with the thunder and for this team moving forward to have this guy to build around with what is already a pretty nice young team in a transition phase with Chris. Paul there Galadari there. They could blow it up. Emplo the pull the plug on these veterans or they keep just trying to win around this youthful star and killed us Alexander but with all those picks you mentioned boy the amount of possibilities. This office is going to have moving forward to build and with Gildas Alexander. Somebody who can he can handle the ball more if you need him to. They don't run a ton of pick and roll with him. Because you have Chris Paul because he had a shrewd her but he can do more of it if necessary or you can continue to use him in this ball. Sharing role or multiple guys are handling the ball. I can't imagine how exciting it must be for Sam Prestige to sit in his office and imagine the possibilities. Moving forward with the draft picks they have in the assets that they could could utilize and trades. It largely comes down to Shay though he was the best asset. The best player they got in that deal and he's a reason why they would even do that. But with all those picks they can have fun. Were bored and if you're the clippers I mean look. This is why they did it. They were taking a run at the TAITO title but want. PG COLLI Warren No. That's what I'm saying right that it was it was almost contingent. You're not you're probably not getting coli. If if you're not getting Paul George. Has the story went but boy did they. Give up king's ransom my God

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