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Dallas, TX Weekend Weather Forecast


What what a a roller roller coaster coaster ride ride we've we've been been on on we've we've had had the the rain rain thunderstorm thunderstorm activity activity tornadoes tornadoes reported reported in in some some areas areas and and just just like like we we turned turned on on a a light light switch switch now now we we are are in two way winter mode snowfall accumulating in some areas around Prisco around ten ten travel very carefully as you move about today across the Dallas fort worth area now the areas from basically from Colin forwarded Tarrant county and also the points around Sherman over to mineral wells over to Breckenridge he slid off of I. twenty archers city the areas from Louis and around games fell under a winter weather advisory up until about noon so if you're traveling north say a three seventy seven in Argyle you're gonna get a lot of snow fall activity it's is gonna be one those kind of days the good news though is that this stuff is gonna be clearing out studies guys tomorrow sixty two degrees eight of seven download KRLD

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