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Dumb. Oh, god. Dump. Call garbage dump exit the whole story behind that the has to do with Charles Manson, singing is just to let you know, and this was a promotional song did he did an album sort of a promo album? You know, one of those self made albums in the sixties that he sent to. Terry Melcher door. Stay son in law who is renting the house where Sharon Tate was murdered. And he so Terry Melcher said no to him. And so is it is. Well, the assumption is, there's a theory, a lot of people said that when he went to the Sharon Tate house, who's actually go to Terry Melcher that Terry Melcher was there said, no to Charles Manson, about producing his album Melcher was record producer and instead Meltzer and moved out sharing Tate had moved in. And so all of it is connected. But anyway, that's one of his great songs, garbage, you can feed the whole world garbage because one of the things Charles Manson was actually dumpster diving for food is little clan because you can you can feed the whole world garbage dump. Oh, yeah. Enough of that. See there's who knew that knew that all right. Strange stories out of my head. All right. So let's go back to guard. Oh, garbage dump your house. Right. You call three one, one to clean up your house, and there's a regular crew that goes around. But unfortunately there they really can't do very much because there are so many complaints from so many people that it literally comes in a -mergency a triage situation, LA times did a story on this, and they dented more than one hundred one hundred locations where the three one one calls became so persistent that the city was respond responding to complaints every week for at least five weeks in a row. And not picking up the normal amount of garbage now, you and I, call three one one because there's someone dumped garbage in front of our house, and I've done that before, not in this house. But in house, I lived in previously, and they come out eventually and pick up your trash, and is becoming much more. Eventual why because they're so much and even people who are in favor of helping the homeless who, of course, generate tons of garbage. And if you happen to be anywhere near a homeless encampment you're screwed. And we know that. So there is a Reverend gung gun weighing who is he's the Reverend of the one Buddhism of Los Angeles temple, and he is very close to a shelter, and there was one homeless man who routinely slept outside the temples doors. And the Reverend had to repeatedly cleanup urine, and feces, and he says, that's as a Buddhist. I didn't want to bother these people, but I have to do something so he called nine one one and now he has which sides, he feels badly about what we do to homeless people, but he is on the side of cleaning up the place removing the garbage removing the homeless people, and this is the fastest growing category in the city, the city budgeted more than thirty million dollars this year. The next year. It's going to be forty million dollars. And there's two things going on with the activists. And this is something I'll bet you didn't go. Number one. There are activists who have launched a campaign to push mayor Garcetti to, to scrap the city's existing system..

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