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Lining, bird cages near you. It's fearless. So Tara, what is the fearless flyer? Fearless fire is trader Joe's main way of talking to our customers. We call ourselves a store of stories, and the fearless flyer is that idea made manifest on paper, but it's it's a specific set of stories, right? Rather than just show people a product and a price, like traditional grocery store circular would do we tell stories about our products. We, we talked to the people who've developed our products. We want you to know a little bit about what's in it. We want you to know a little bit about what it tastes like. What a great value it is. So we tell you the price, the usual grocery playbook says item price or Bogo for you. Jargon fans out there by one get one. None of that. It's a lot of words. It's a lot of words, but their words that that have a look like you can spot it at fifty paces. And why does it look like a regionally? It looked like that because it was the least expensive way to put something on paper. So our founder Joe Colom would type it on a typewriter and make mimeographed copies. Fearless flyer. All those years, the average it was for crew members was intended to give information about products, physically wines to crew members. It was called the insiders report, and he started doing that in nineteen seventy. And customers got wind that this was happening and said, hey, I wanna see that. I want to know about that wine. I wanna know what that's all about the cartoons that are in the flyer. You know, it's got these old timey Victorian era, art pieces. We put in the car tubes. Don't goddamn Suri Asli. They were Moyle ty- free and Joe didn't want to have to pay anyone to create art to put in it and didn't want to have to put pictures of products in it because that was expensive to these old engravings. It was absolutely out of necessity to NAS, spend money on it, and it became over time a look across between mad magazine and consumer reports. The initial cartoon image on the flyer was of someone who looked like he was flying and I don't know if you look fearless or terrified, but terrified flyer probably wouldn't have worked very well at the name. So you know. Fearless fearless. It was and fearless. It is. Is there any option for like a paid placement? Can someone biased spot in this? No, it's it's. It's it's not an option. There's that's just not part of how we do our business. We put things in the flyer that we think are interesting, and hopefully our customers agreed that they're interesting. Curtis marketing director, tater. Why do you shop the trader? I shop the trader Joe's because I love the products. I love the staff. I love how helpful they are friendly. They are, and I love to sample their food. Do you sample products from the demo? Absolutely. And I get a lot of ideas for for dinner and for lunches for my voice. So what a lot of people might not know is the biggest marketing expense we have at trader Joe's is actually just letting people try our food today. We're with angel at the demo station in our east Pasadena, California store what's for lunch angel today we've got a little beef brisket. This is the corn beef brisket on rye bread with mustard little cabbage and Swiss cheese. So you don't just put out the food, you actually make things that customers could make it home? Yeah, that's what we're striving to do. We're looking for a for inspiration, things that are easy, and that they could do for themselves at home wrote real quick. I've got it tasty sample for you here. You're very welcome to try guys. Please have a taste. So. I'm so. Good afternoon. This. Are you. This is sexually little sandwich made with our corn. Trey, some grapes to because they're really crunchy and good. Thank you. Thank you guys. Next time people, I'll I'll work on it Ray Miller at our original trader Joe's in Pasadena. California was one of the first crew members to work the demo station will into early days before we have potato salad. I bought out my potato salad and I was quite proud of that. Unfortunate. It's not on the sales, but I thought it was delicious into people used to love to have it when I would do that. At the demo station, you never know what you're going to be. You may be a nurse ju, maybe a secondary. You may just be a counselor, you know, many things because everybody come to the table as divisible safe from a different place of enlightenment. And we just have to deal with the situations as they come. You know. You're

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