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Two what did you think of their pairing? I mean when I think of all the guys that she managed through a career nothing really jumps out about her managing Ted. I mean I remember all the macho stuff so vividly are Sean Michael. Stuff very vividly. I remember a lot of the. Wcw STUFF TAT stuff. Some feel like there's a lot of story behind your really wasn't and I don't know that Ted Utilize Sherry nearly as much as randy did a think randy saw the advantages of having Sherry in his corner in exploited that as much he could and I'm not sure that Ted felt the same way. So Ted was in his own right. Just one hell of a talent talker and everything else so. I don't know that Ted embraced it. As much as is randy did they. They clicked the got along. Great to great workers paired together. But you're right for whatever reason it wasn't it wasn't memorable one over the top like Oh my God you remember the time with With all their savage you go right to the ship with warrior. You go right to the shit with dusty. Those are two big big big memorable fucking Ron's in the history of the company much less in their career and Hogan stuff. I mean there's just so much Oh yeah I don't think they even officially ended storyline or broke up their business relationship on. Tv She just started appearing on TV saying she was in love with the newly turned heel Shawn michaels and then she stopped appearing with Ted. Let's talk about Shawn Michaels. For a minute though They're going to break up the rockers. We've talked about that. In a rockers episode available in the archives now at something to wrestle on YouTube dot com but talk to me a little bit about whose idea was to say hey he's going to be he'll we need to make sure people boom besides you know boot and Marty. Janetti through the barbershop glass. Maybe if we put him with a known he'll manager that's tried and true. Wwf WAY WHO fits the bill? Well well Sherry doing. How does she get that opportunity? Well Sherry had worked. Sean Marty with playboy buddy rose and Doug somers in the Awa so there was history there and I remember Shawn always talking about. Oh my God if we only had Sherry on the outside 'cause she did ninety percent of the work for those guys she was able to bump and fly and cut promos and do any and everything that they ever need to do so there was already chemistry there in. I think Vince felt that dressing. Sean up there may be a segment of the audience. No matter what you did with Sean. That was still going to like him. They wouldn't like him if used with Sherry so that was the rationale behind that and putting Sherry in that role try and just again solidify make sure people are gonna Boo Sean. And it's an interesting dynamic. Because it's almost like a cougar. Type thing I think Cher. He's like seven years older than Sean and This is her boy toy so the point that I think that's sherry singing. His original entrance music has a he all right well. Originally originally it was I think Jimmy Hart sang it or the other Jimmy did but then Jimmy and I were sitting there and Sherry was was mouthing the words to it in a said. Hey Jimmy can we have Sherry Sing? It is actually like her Ahmad to Shawn Michaels. And he's like baby. I was thinking exact. Same thing in. We've got Sherry in the studio and had her do the song in it was so bad. It was good that that's what that's what became we. We put her voice on there. That was Romansch Shawn Michaels. And he's just a sexy boy and the rest is history. I'm not bored toll at just a sixty board says cpos. How EXTREME SEAN? This about their pairing. I received a phone call about how they were putting me Sherry and I got the music and stuff like that. I remember the playing the song for me and Sherry gone out on TV and done the Promo talking about me and putting herself with me. I wasn't sure I was trying to figure out who I was. And what I was going to be. In my whole trying to find myself living the rockers and taking time to do this and again Patterson said Look Sherry has been with two guys. Db Aussie and savage both top guys. And if we put her with you she's going to raise your stock. You get to be next to her. That's going to help get you to another level and I was like Oh and then of course sharing our friends from the old awa days it started out with the boy toy thing and then with them putting her and In my corner and sort of giving me a direction But back then. I don't think they were called cougars but clearly. That was the vibe that we were going with and gave me a sexual component. That I wasn't where I was going to have because I was with her. It gave me an opportunity to be in that area and I guess if you're trying to really put him over as the boy toy it made sense if that's the the look is look how good looking I am and flamboyant I am. You'RE GONNA use that to get heat. You needed to be with an attractive older lady in this sort of checked. All the boxes is this. The brainchild of Pat Patterson it feels like a vince. Mcmahon yeah it was it was. It was something the pad come up with. Try TO ENHANCE SEAN. And Take Sean to the next level and I think it did think it helped sean tremendously. So this was one of those you know you talked about. Maybe not maybe not so much. But Sean I thought that Sean Needed Sherry in that regard to take him to the next level great stuff man a really really good stuff They break up eventually late. Nineteen ninety-two when margin? Eddie grabs the mirror. Shawn michaels would pose in front of and try to hit. Sean with it Sean Paul Sherry in front of him. So Marty Watson Hitting Sherry with it. I hated to see him. Break up especially after a Salisbury Strut that ass to the Ring Summer Slam Ninety two. I didn't know that women could wear drawers like that as a little eleven year. Old Boy in Alabama was a special day for me. Bless your little heart that'd be great donald transition to a spot but they're not a sponsor this week so let's keep it moving while break them up here. I think it was time. I think it was time for for Sean looking at his career. And Sean feeling that you know what I've gone and done as much as I can in shopping that he was going to be stronger on his own she's not on TV again until the ninety three royal rumble. She's in a neutral corner for the match between Shawn and Mardi. She tries to Sean Shoe. But she misses and hits. Marty that leads Sean Win. She finds herself into talk corner. Wrestlemainia nine during a smash. Shaan he had Lou Nova Sean in his corner after the match Luna would attack Sherry and that goes down the trainer's room backstage and she spends the remainder of the year aligned with the talk is going eight her in her feud with loon of Sean and Bam Bam bigelow and while she still a part of the company she's working with the US W. A. Doing the invasion angle where she's randy savage's corner during his match with Jerry lawler while she's down there she's GonNa work three matches two against Miss Texas. We know Miss Jackie and a mixed tag with Scotty Flamingo. Against lawler and Miss Texas. And she's going to work for a lot of house shows against Luna during the summer of ninety three but then she winds up leaving the company and meltzer would report that Vince. Fires her from the company after her third failed drug tests and allegedly the drug test. Failure was for smoking. Marijuana confronted about this. She said she's not going to quit. And I think she's even on record saying one time she was called into the office. And it was Vince. Jj Dylan Yourself. Sitting there and one of you told her that the drug test came back positive. And you're going to have to let her go. Talk to me about what you remember about this moment after. She'd been with company six years so very memorable angles and then it comes to an end here. Look Tar it's hard when you have a tell extraordinary talent like Sherri Martel that you want to keep and you want to continue to use. However you can't have a different set of rules for people and unfortunately for Sherry. It was our many strikes it was and she had to go away for awhile. We wanted her to go get help. Sheridan feel that she needed any help and that was the alternatives. So if can't stop doing this and you don't want to go get help. Then we can't have you doing on our time and live switch. Sometimes that one hurt it sucks dude to know that it's it's coming to an end here and you sort of alluded to earlier. When he said that. When Vince I her on his radar he had heard that you know she I forget the phrase us but the insinuation was. She was wild and liked to party. Was it just Crazy wrestling style. Drinking was it marijuana. I mean obviously we know what led to the end of her life but what was what was her sort of wrap and reputation in the business as far as being a question. Mark Convinces Mon. The perception was was. She liked to party inch liked to do drugs and she liked it party with the boys and get wild. I don't think that was inaccurate. Perception once you once you get to know or that wasn't Was Sherri Sherri liked to have good time? Yeah share you liked to party just like everybody else? So why shouldn't she? She worked hard but sherry during her time with us. I can't recall anything over the top. Did we have issues were Sapphire through in the shower. Yeah We have issues where she would go off on somebody sometime. Yes but you have issues with all your top talent in some form or fashion Sheri's weren't extraordinary. Bury the lead there. She made up Sapphire and through in the shower. And you're gonNA tell us about that. There was there was a period where the stuff that Sapphire war. She were every night so they would wrestle every night and Juanita wooden shower. She wore the exact same clothes. Sherry in one. Easy to travel together and.

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