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Three years off. Softens. Be? Lost a of these national. You have. Everyone, Is. Also! Very Oversight Committee is. Not Before the legislation nestled. On. National. Over these national covenants in Hong, Kong Cheviot said. Yeah. The whole goal is sponsored or the coach. In Hong, Kong, the come little interpretation at the moment. There's no issues from Hong Kong. IS A. Demonization off the of of this morning on. Call at this, is now she? Just another mainland city, but The other. You know millions of people. Living under every day. I've been making. Every country nationals is station. Four National Mall it's an open society on. Justice is. What is being argue is Has Been Trust. Anything. you mentioned to Nathan is a global apple. But he didn't pick up on that, he said. Just. But. Well as you as you know, they really don't like the extradition law and they don't want to be. Treated as citizens of as you just mentioned and other people think. Chinese city Beijing Shanghai whatever. And also you just heard if if if they're carrying protest signs, or if they're demonstrating they don't you know? They say that it could be considered illegal, and that could be descent. I mean that's not what happens in other democracies. What can you say to assuage their fears particularly? I can see you shaking your head, but I I need to talk. What can you say because you know even? Carrie Lam didn't know the full details of the law until it came into effect on July first. Announced she may decision. Made any. He's four is in. Ashes Security And the sound doesn't. To. There's underneath. Your at each all. Offenses you compare them with America he goes okay Joe. Code and you look at that event, actress Finicky. As long as A subversion, this addition moving his treason. And the same except. Only. He turns. Now principles and the courts to interpret. What? Is. To win the. Super! Bowl yet. This is this. But there's A. Why don't you let it play out? Not. Well anyway finishes today. Function every day. Read off the. Dish they come out to support. Say the Hong Kong judges. I very very independent. Luck and That this will continue and who she goes there. Why not see as it goes? Why aren't we show determined the label unconscious you'll do. We wanted to take away for the charges and. Everyone's shopping on. Any knowledge physician. Trade Agreement before. On. We have a way to the. To people. Charged to get. To the point. To say monitoring their listen to move. Is Not. Demon is being made all. These national heritage it's. Always Been Schwann without an anti-china to. I mean. It really disappoint. People like me who are educating? This today. They're not going to on addition of arguable and also. Impossible's to to be voted on. I'm sure that is Make you. There would be this. Many. These these. Escape you. Can I. Can I just ask you because you know it? Really, it really is obviously very. Passionate debate. I guess the really is the basic laws suggested at least from what I've written. Red Rather that Hong. Kong would carry on in sort of the way. It was from one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, seven under the under the One Nation Two Systems until twenty forty seven. Why is it that the Chinese government? Couldn't wait until twenty forty seven for this kind of move to happen, and you say nothing's happened, but you know when you just heard Nathan say hundreds of people have already been arrested under this law and nobody quite knows what's going to happen to them. Told you this. It's nothing about as soon racing. Set whereas China. Has Faced national security legislation every country that I mentioned out. Words. Ration- Nation names. Out The. Nothing. Is under the basic goal that was. In nineteen ninety. That's on call. Is Jewish fiction over national security. Well? The tricky thing is. Dumb. As, a result of riots now share the. Violence. Concerning on autonomy as you want to be your. Going back to the originally and a statement says it doesn't listen who results by he and this is small. Booking national security that's like on educate American. Why did double. The. Being done. By Beijing he's no different. CHARGED ONLY NATURE Of America and justice will be dispense the Komo under your system. Boy Raise the terror. Just. This. Allen who I know, that's your perspective. I think some would disagree with you in the US and the UK that the law is no different, but this is to be continued for another day, and we'll certainly keep watching to see if what you say, transpires that the people will be fine, and they won't make a huge amount of. Legal anti-democratic difference over there, so we'll watch. Thank you very much. We'll have you back on again. Urgency frequency leakage, they may not be water cooler topics, but about one in three Americans over the age of forty experienced these symptoms of overactive bladder or a be at least sometimes, it's embarrassing having to worry about having an accident.

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