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All the time we got to learn how to become the greatest people in the world, and all starts with the individual choice, and so much choice has always been, and will always be to make sure that people love their appreciated. They treated with dignity I wouldn't give anybody anything. That I wouldn't give my own kids to eat. I wouldn't give him any COGAN that I wouldn't have bomb kids. Where and When you understand that that the hurt that goes along with some of the stuff that we see on a day-to-day basis that has had a blind eye turned to for years. Now I'm glad to see entire world. The bogus zone America out. We're going to deal with this hour. WE'RE GONNA change. The justice will there be justice system reform whether it be police department reform, but also as I said. We cannot focus on changing other people when we don't focus on our own house. So that's a challenge to every single organization. Inc Out there whether it's Nike Reebok. Under armour WWe NHL, NFL the list goes on and on. We all have to take a look at ourselves and say okay. Are we really truly advancing those of color in our business? We celebrate them in a proper way, and if we don't know how to celebrate them in A. A proper way and don't be so egotistical that you think you have all the answers that you not willing to get those answers, and that's where I. Think a lot of companies now have to ask. Our talent will have to ask those at around us. We'll have to ask other organizations to come in and kind of help us. with our platforms and with our structure but the NFL has to do it NBA has to do it. Has To do it. It's amazing to me how sports and entertainment you guys know that you still up. Reno's all around the world, and not one time. Have you gone into a hospital I've gone into a hospital? My says Oh. That black WWe superstar where there goes those stanic girls got their names this and that it's eight or go to Bella twins. Titus O'Neal s the way we need to start. Acknowledge everybody as a whole is people as human beings, characters and people that we fall in love with because their human side and. I'm excited you know on really excited I hope I. Don't get let down as now once again by the justice system. I hope that these guys that committed these crimes against George Floyd against Brianna, Taylor against the list goes on and on cases that need to be reopened and they reexamined i. hope that all those victories because we're accustomed in the black community, all gets raised protests with name everybody saying Oh, I have your attention and then one year later the court. Court date happens. The verdict comes out not guilty, and now all of his as a completely different restart so continue using your platform guys to just put out messaging speaking truth, you know if you see something, say something, don't be silent about anything and be authentic in your message, and your fans will will love you more for but more importantly your love yourself more for it because you don't what you can make this whole world, a better place, but specifically here American. Guys. Love that everyone goose Moraine old time. You Know I. Agree with you and that's why I want to be such a huge part because I don't want the black community to be, let down because this has happened far too long and I'm truly hope and seeing the world be behind this. I feel like finally. We are going to have change and I hope and pray that we don't let you guys down, agree and. I said this before on the podcast to it starts at home. Titus is apparent I'm apparent Nicole you're going to be a mom soon and parents. You guys are your kids for teachers. You're the first ones to shine love and light on your children. They learn everything from the household, and it's our duty as parents to have. Our children understand what racism is to understand kindness to understand what we all are in were all one and you know? My daughter's three years old and we have conversations, and so at any age you can have these conversations with your kids. It's so important and you know wanting titus. I really wanted to pick your brain about that kind of drives me crazy on social media. Is just sometimes the misconception of people with the protest because I see so many of my friends and my family going the protest and their own peaceful and beautiful, but then the media tries to make it like it's angry and out of control and wild, and you've been at so many protests lately. Can you kind of give a little just like lighter listeners of kind of what these protests are like if they can't make it out there? Some of them are more spirited in invoice than others You have some silent protests. We had a silent protest on just on yesterday. We had about six hundred people there, and it was beautiful. It was a great opportunity for the university community to come together and I've seen it on the other round. where it's been peaceful. It's been loud. We'd be people with signs. You know you have people with bullhorns and etc and my main thing is. The nineteen sixties and seventies 'cause they kinda.

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