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More news out there than ever before but these days it's harder than ever to find it and to know what to trust axios. AM takes the effort of getting smart by synthesizing. The ten stories. That will drive the day and telling you I they matter subscribe at sign up dot axios Dot Com and now back to the podcast. Now it's time for my final two and I up his apple which in August due to former employees for breach of contract contract and specifically the ex employees left to launch a new server chip startup called Nubia and poached a bunch of his former apple colleagues thus pissing off apple so this is interesting for contract lawyers but the real intrigue is that Apple's complaint implies at accessed the ex employees phone records and text messages and that could could be a PR mess for a company so focused on positioning itself as pro privacy. That's even sometimes using animation that converts these stem. It's apple into the top of a lock and finally the White House. Today will effectively kill the World Trade Organization which was formed to settle trade disputes between nations. Around twenty five years ago specifically the trump administration has spent the past two years blocking the WTO from appointing new members to a seven person board. That's supposed to hear these cases leaving it now with a minimum of three members embers but two of those three have their terms expired today meaning the WTO process is for all intents and purposes dead at trump's hand now for the president this means he can now impose whatever tariffs he likes when he likes on the other hand no more. US victories in the WTO. Like the recent record seven and a half a billion dollar ruling after the US sued Europe for granting illegal subsidies to Airbus actually this is Felix Salmond puts it thusly quote. WTO was negotiated before China dominated international national trade and before the Internet disrupted all global commerce. A new agreement is desperately needed. And while there's no way that trump or his US trade representative will negotiate such such a deal trump successor might be able to and we're done big. Thanks for listening to my producers. Tim Show Shaven Have Ingrate National Dewey Decimal System Day. And we'll be back tomorrow with another for our podcast..

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