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Two thousand. And Fire Tokens for you`ll. That's what. Lee is predicting in many different investments. Honestly I could see that. I realize happening if he didn't give out here so it was a good idea. And like you get swap screwed. But we're gonNA give you like these tokens as constellation for putting you in a bad situation. I mean what's the exchange rate for them at the airport? Like you're back in American like I got two thousand fire token and you're in the duty free shop. What are you getting all flights in this day and age? So I don't know decided hush money of listen. Don't decry twists many five or tokens as you need so much butter so much peanut butter. I wonder what they're gonNa do with your going back now. He's on there but he just missed like they started giving them alligators Halloween. Less less episode with Rob's driving around like. Oh there's a there's a fired I'm like you know like so much for getting swap screwed or whatever he's Guy. No Fire Tokens and he just missed the big all so maybe maybe next episode when one person comes back from the edge jeff will be like here guys to make you feel better like cures. Firefighter Tokens each or something. Because agree like we had the log task. We had this task which was not. Everyone gets a fire token but like the opportunity to find up to four now. It's going to be more like wholesale fire token findings because since there's probably more people on the island that's I don't know I don't know if it's GONNA increase or decrease the amount of just finding something in the sand and gifting power to somebody in the game. I was just trying to give out stimulus. Fire Tokens of this boy was going to happen. And they're like here's some stimulus. Fire Tokens let's GonNa be gone. Yeah I think it's also because of the upcoming challenge. They probably wouldn't mind if a few people who like works extra hard in the episode like Astana. Better chance to give back or maybe just pointed Basarab in the direction of the Near Swan said Borrow Robin wants you back in the game. But either way I don't know we'll see what actions so I thought that you'll be going to be the most loyal member of his alliance. I said he would find it advantage but surprisingly missed play it. I guess that was sort of like Sandra Style and this season I said he. Easy consensus vote. Okay that happened. It didn't think it would be a four percent drive. I said he'd be the most conservative with his fire. Token slash advantages closest. Ally is nick. Worst enemy. Is Jeremy twenty-five confessionals and six fire tokens. I could see you'll sort of being like a fire. Token hoarder eventually finds it feeling like he's going to get a better return.

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