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Run for three touchdowns in the first half, and the Colts have had no answer for the Tennessee running game. Of course, the Colts without the Forest Buckner to Nico Autry and Bobby Oh, creaky three of their starting front seven. On defense and the Titans have taken advantage of that. They've run it for 166 yards, and they have 302 yards of total offense So far, the Colts Scored on their first two possessions, but they have punted at the end of their last three. Philip Rivers is 11 of 17 for 128 yards for the Colts just 34 yards. On the ground and the Titans with 1 11 to go in the opening half of player going to get the ball around midfield with two timeouts looking to extend a 28 to 14 late one note for the Colts. They're already down. Starting center Ryan Kelly, now left tackle Anthony Castonzo left the game with a knee injury. He is questionable. He has not returned. All right, Thank you very much. That is a very big injury for the Colts, who are down by two touchdowns and have a deep in their own end late in the first half, Let's had to Erik Nelson in Minnesota as the Vikings have pulled in front of the break. Here's Eric Yeah. Richa Dan Bailey's night. The old pole of the season is his longest of 2020. Hey, splits the uprights from 53 arch out to end the first half, and the Vikings and Panthers go into the locker room with Minnesota up. Into seven. The Vikings opened the scoring in the first quarter. 13 plays 68 yard drive. They ate up seven minutes 38 seconds of clock time cousins through a dark to Justin Jefferson. Or the TV throw Carolina's only score of the day in the second quarter, Teddy Bridgewater to a wide open Robbie Anderson on a crossing route. He goes 41 yards. Or the touchdown. Checking some of the numbers in this game, Bridgewater, seven of 15, he's heated up a bit after a slow start, 96 yards touchdown and a pick Kirk cousins. 13 of 18 or 84 Yards, one TD, no interceptions. Carolina ran for 76 yards in the first half, so they had success on the ground. They were led by Mike Davis. At 31 Yards Russian. Meanwhile, Minnesota's Dalvin Cook 11 carries 35 yards on the ground four catches 21 yards in the receiving department. Justin Jefferson, who does have that touchdown catch also has a total in the scheme of two receptions for 18 yards. Of course, no Adam feeling No first in the cab three in this game, small kids with four wins in the NFC. So, uh, both of them are desperate to get a win to keep their playoff hopes of local one at the break in Minneapolis, Minnesota leading Carolina Added seven. All right of the break in Cincinnati, all tied up jink giants and Bangles. Here's Jason Erhard. Rich Graham, you know, with a 49 yard field goal in the last minute of the half that tied it at 10 is 21st consecutive field goal. Just knock it in inside the right upright. Hard to believe this game is tied. The Giants have run 42 plays 226 yards of total offense. Repair that, too. The Bangles, 20 plays and only 66 yards of total offense. Two reasons for that 1 103 yard kickoff return for the Bangles there start the game by Brandon Wilson and a turnover down at the 15 yard line that Bonne Bell forced from Giants tight and Evan Engram and that really rich. Those two plays are what's keeping the Bangles in this ballgame Right now, it feels like just answer way ahead, but Tied up a 10 Bangle said to get the ball when we start the third quarter here at Paul Brown Stadium Heart in Jacksonville, a bit of a surprise to the four point game of the break. Here's Brian Scheibel..

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