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Route eighteen thousand dollars jian forte's latest fdc filing showed that he raised one hundred eighteen thousand dollars on may twenty v the day after he body slammed guardian reporter been jacobs that's more than double the previous day's total gene forte has since pleaded guilty to assault and was given a one hundred eighty day deferred jail sentence forty hours of community service twenty hours of angermanagement counselling and a three hundred eighty five dollar fine i wonder if he can pay that out of the one hundred eighteen thousand dollars he raised for bodies flipping through reporter that's pretty good deal and now as part of an agreement jacobs did not sued gene for dave over the incident jin forte wrote jacobs a letter of apology and donated fifty thousand dollars to the committee to protect journalists jacobs accepted the apology quote and his willingness to take responsibility for his actions and statements jin fourday was sworn into office earlier this month as montana's loan congressman man filling the vacancy left by ryan zinke who is serving in president donald trump's administration as interior secretary and who won my approval when he wrote a horse in to work on capitol police day there's an incredibly high bar but i don't think this case is about winning sarah palin files a defamation lawsuit against the new york times over the editorial following the scalise shooting that linked her to gaby gifford's shooting as if she to use their word as if she was guilty as if she she had incited the violence palance suit accuses the times of publishing an editorial that they knew to be false the rest of us knew you can't hold a new york times any standard they might not know they live in another world in the times piece the editorial board drew a parallel between the recent shooting and the two thousand eleven attack on democrat congressman gaby gifford's which also left six dead and more injured you know what's interesting is how many reporters even on the left when that editorial came out came out how many reporters were shocked because everybody knows it was an urban myth that that sarah palin and some target on a picture on a map had led to that everyone everyone knows loft nurse fran's i'm an investigation revealed not only was he not influenced by the right it had an absolutely it it meant nothing to this guy in doing so.

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