Bloomberg, Prime Minister, President Donald Trump discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


And if there's a deficit, which we need to cover puzzle. That was the Russian Energy Minister, Alexander Novak. And in endings news this morning violence as low as, as its new Austrian arm sent profits tumbling. It'll say full costs endings could further decline in the months. It joins a chorus of European carriers. Warning, if tough months ahead excess ceasing and high fuel prices have helped squeeze malteds von Hsieh's, Betty, changed this year, a special performance than some rivals, it signed off global news, again, with Bloomberg's Sandra Kilhof, and you begin within election surprise in Australia. Yes. Good morning. Yussef prime minister Scott Morrison, pulling off the seemingly impossible and winning reelection for his conservative coalition over the weekend. Bloomberg's Paul Allen has the latest from Sydney votes are still being counted. But Australian Prime minister Scott Morrison looks to have secured a majority for his ruling coalition Marcin hailed this win. There's a miracle, and it's no exaggeration opinion polls, and even internal strategists said, consider this a lost cause, but voters rejected the sweeping economic reforms promised by the labour opposition in Sydney pulled Allen. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Australia has cold day snap and action off to chancellor Sebastian coots dumped his populist coalition partner. The says a leaked video showed the right wing, vice chancellor offering government contracts in exchange for campaign funds. But with campaigning already underway, Hines cushion Slava has raised questions about the timing of the video shoot before you elections, President Donald Trump has warned Iran not to threats in the US. So. Face ruinous consequences. He spoke to Fox News amid mounting tensions between Washington and Tehran, just don't want them to have nuclear weapons, and they can't be threatening us. And, you know, with all of all of everything that's going on. And I'm not somebody that wants to go into war, because warhead Shikata me's were kills people most importantly by far more separately. And Ukrainian president petro Porsche Shangqiu leaves office today to make way for full comedian floated Mersenne linski. But Bloomberg's Michael Winfrey says already trouble ahead for the new leader. You really coolish triggered his own collapse. And a tactical move that undermines president Dolinsky chance to call an early election that his party would probably win the maneuver underscored a new struggle for power in the eastern European country, which is.

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