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Good morning I'm Stephanie Gaines Bryant the top local stories were following this hour artificial intelligence may have its benefits but it's also being used by crooks there was an example recently on Good Morning America please send the money this is for real that may sound like the voice of ABC's with Johnson but it's not it was a fake put together by a cyber security expert to show him how a voice sample can be used to create a false message asking for money in kidnapping scams. Pete Nicoletti of checkpoint software technology says the crooks can not only recreate your voice from social media but can make it look like the call for help is really coming from your The criminals can easily impersonate your phone number. Nicoletti's advice on GMA all family members should adopt a safe word that can be used when trying to communicate with a loved one who has supposedly been kidnapped. Sandy Kozel, WTOP News. That song may be the only fireworks some Marylanders have in their backyard this 4th of July Officially in Prince George's in Montgomery Counties, they're warning residents to leave the techniques to the experts. Both counties make it illegal to purchase consumer grade fireworks like sparklers and backyard displays. And Prince George's County Fire and EMS Spokesman Mark Brady says that's for a reason not only is a safe. It's a law we can live with both in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties. The use of consumer purchased or the backyard style fireworks are illegal and punishable by law. You can also avoid hundreds of dollars in fines or jail time by avoiding that firework purchase National HIV testing day is coming up this week. Even though medical advances have come a long way, important to it's still know if you have it or not. We know there was a big drop off in HIV testing, all sorts of prevention care during the pandemic. So we really have to make up for that right now. Dr. Laura Cheever with the Health Resources and Services Administration says the theme for this year's National HIV Testing Day. Take the test and take the Next next Step. Around 12 ,000 city residents living with HIV, according to a recent report from DC's Health Department. When look. I treatment options have improved treatment year or two. But treatment options have improved a lot since then. People that have HIV can live long lifespans and healthy lives. Liz Anderson, WTOP News. For more information about National HIV Testing Day go to wtop .com. Rather than developing new energy sources or figuring out ways to cut carbon emissions, some new companies are actually trying to pull carbon out of the air. Living carbon at startup out of California is actually genetically modifying trees to grow at supercharged speeds, turning CO2 into wood. The Wall Street Journal says taking they're genes from algae and pumpkins and engineering them into poplar trees. In a greenhouse they grew over 50 % faster than the other trees. They've already planted new forests in nearby Pennsylvania and also in Ohio and Georgia. Some ecologists say the effectiveness of this method will depend on how long the trees last and if they easily succumb to pests or wildfires. Luke Lugert, WTOP News. Some more information on that ground stop we've been reporting on at local DC airports. All flights into DC area airports have resumed. The FAA had ordered a ground stop of flights Reagan at National Airport, Dulles International Airport and Richmond International Airport. Some of the ground stops caused unexpected diversions for flights already in the air. Elizabeth, a resident on a flight from Memphis into the district, says her flight change was very unexpected. I was a little concerned because I was like, I didn't realize there was even an airport and the fact that it's kind of in the middle of nowhere was a little concerning. I was like, okay, we're going to Lynchburg. The FAA says the air traffic facility handling incoming flights was under repair when the facility switched to a backup system. Coming up after traffic and weather, is a home equity loan or home equity line of credit best for you. I'm Mark Hamrick taking a look at loans coming up. It's 208. Get a precision AC tune up for only $59. Traffic and weather on the 8th to Rich Hunter in the WTOP Traffic Center. All right, 95 North Virginia is north of 17 Falmouth up towards Centerport Parkway exit 136 works some blocks the lane right of three. As of late you get by without delay so no worries there. A little further north, actually quite a bit further north as you head north to the exit for Lord and exit 163 near mile marker 164 Looks like a minor crash on the right shoulder. A couple of the vehicles out there not sure if both are involved. Virginia State Police en route no word yet at Fire and Rescue were headed out that way. Now if you're traveling southbound 195 the paving project remains south of exit 118 the exit for route 606 Thornburg down headed toward the Caroline County line near mile marker 116 single file right still gets you by that works but as late of there is no delay. Virginia Beltway outer loop in the service road to go to Arlington Boulevard exit 150 single file through the project there paving you do have access to the ramps to both westbound and eastbound route 50 so no worries there. Inner loop working as you head north of Arlington Boulevard toward I 66 along the left side should be getting by two lanes to the right and doing so without delay. 66 from as far west as Haymarket see Rosen and Roosevelt bridge nothing in your way eastbound on the Dulles toll road approaching the beltway stay right past the construction there.

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