Ronan Farrow says 'close to 50' potential Weinstein jurors were sent home for reading his 'Catch and Kill'


This week Jury selection started for the trial of Harvey Weinstein. He's as of course this formerly super successful Hollywood producer who was accused of decades of sexual abuse more than eighty women have come forward accusing him of things. The story broke as you remember. This is kind of the beginning of the METOO movement in October of two thousand seventeen in the New York Times and the New Yorker so harvey was finally finally charged with sex crimes in New York in May of twenty eighteen. So that in and of itself is about a year and a half ago I'm not going to get into the charges. But they're horrible So yeah jury. Selection started this week and the other thing that also happened. This week is that new charges were put against him in Los Angeles so now. He's facing the possibility of two criminal trials. Meanwhile he just settled a civil suit a couple of weeks ago. So it's just all all of this tumult around you know he's very horrible allegations and it's really one of the only you know men who is going through the criminal criminal justice process in terms of these accusations. Yeah and we should underline eighty women. You said Yeah Zero Eight zero and then we have these two. You know criminal trials now the one in New York they mentioned we have two women pressing charges one is an unidentified there and even in La both of the women are unidentified in those court documents. So it's also just a big story in terms of you know what it takes to come forward yet another interesting aspect during jury selection. Is You know the idea of trying to find an impartial jury. In these cases right I mean not only are they trying to find people who don't know a whole lot about the story which at this point is extremely difficult Mac that it's been to more than two years and the stories were huge but also you know attorneys are concerned about the possibility of having an impartial. Jury when you know one in and five women have been raped in her life rate and just the idea of even if she isn't super familiar with the Weinstein story just dealing with sexual assault in her life of either herself or someone she knows like could also create someone who is partial in one way or another Ronan Farrow tweeted on Thursday night that he is heard the fifty potential jurors fifty have been released so far we all read his book right and killed and so it's weird. The only thing I will add is that hearing the stories of these women. Yeah you're not only struck by their ultimate bravery in coming forward at great risk in themselves but just the endless amounts of people all right protected. Harvey Weinstein this. Systemic cover-ups over a decade can't get horrifying. It's yeah and it's extraordinary. How much much in how pervasive that was among everybody police and and colleague Turney everybody? Yeah Yeah I want to ask this question about impartial impartial jury and jury of our peers because when we talk when we are supposed to be having our be tried before a jury of our peers so many of our peers have have been victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault and so is it. What does impartiality really mean here? If you're throwing out all of the folks who might have been affected by crimes it's like this that gets even bigger question around. Just the idea of Lake is the crew. Does the criminal justice system work in these cases you know and you look at the fact act that this settlement came out earlier this month where women at least got some money out of it. I mean. Obviously that doesn't result in Weinstein actually going to jail which I would imagine. Imagine is extremely important to a lot of these victims but yeah I mean I don't know I don't know how you get an impartial

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