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Are live number to call is eight hundred eight five four nineteen seventy eight eight hundred eight five four nineteen seventy eight you may not know this but we're right here in Saint Louis park Minnesota talking about home improvement related topics and there's an estimated I don't know maybe like a hundred and fifty thousand people listening right now all right I totally made that number up the last time I was told it's around fifteen thousand which is much less but we're still happy to have anywhere between ten and fifteen thousand blisters on twenties news talk AM eleven thirty checking our show out week to week if you're one of those new listeners driving right now and you you haven't Qatar show before we don't do the. this for a living unfortunately I'd love to just to radio or media or or do fun things for a living but we actually do running next year contracting business right here in golden valley recently we just acquired a building in the or no long lake area we're gonna be moving out west into our own facility and that is a fifteen thousand square foot office warehouse Campbell and it is just say day we're movin so that mean it means we're here to stay yeah we are here to stay that's a staff thank you thanks for saying that I mean it it just shows we're committed to being here at having brick and mortar having an actual physical location come and check out our showroom in materials on site see what we're doing see it feel it touch it breathe it anyhow just want to let you know we are here to help you with your home improvement needs as well so whether you call the number now eight hundred eight five four nineteen seventy eight again eight hundred eight five four nineteen seventy eight to talk about home improvement related stuff or you could call that same number during the week and it actually direct you right to all around request an estimate maybe its new windows maybe it's a new rough maybe it's some L. P. smart side or some gutters with some leaf protection and that's what we're gonna talk about is gutters only protection when we come back right after this rush Limbaugh's I'm.

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