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It's never you never gone back and said, okay, we're going to put a seatbelt in the car and now that the cars are made better and more. We're gonna take the seat belt thing. We're going to take that just doesn't happen. Yes. But the point is when the seatbelt law I came into existence. There are people like, well, what happens when you're submerged when you like, okay, we'll take off a bridge and you don't have a sleep on. You're not going to be in the car to be submerged. So I look, I agree with you that they're never going to take it away, but I do think they're going to just some of how they look at this. It's, it's going to be fascinating to see. Great. Can't wait to see you on speak for yourself. I'll be coach and that would chase and McIntyre that's upcoming later on one coming up next, the only thing people love more than watching a total disaster is a comeback. From that disaster we witnessed one of the weekend, we'll discuss it next time, Doug Gottlieb along with joy Taylor. This is the hurt. What I welcome in. This is the heard I'm Doug Gottlieb in for Colin cowherd joy, Taylor alongside. Man, we have a great show for you. Holly Saunders f s one golf analysts gonna join us about half past the hour Peter King next hour here in the hurt lot to get to. But I think the story or the name that everyone is talking about is tiger you simply say tiger and no one even thinks about that was the Jaguar they got loose in New Orleans. Is it a week or two weeks ago? Man, that Jaguar was a stud, right? Got loose in New Orleans, took out some Al Paca smother stuff sitting there going still got it. You say tiger now. Nobody thinks even the animal. They only think of Eldrick Tiger Woods or tiger, and I find it fascinating how how stories kind of evolved you look at tiger and there there. There's some Kobe to it. Right? The thing about Kobe Bryant. Born in Italy, dad appro comes over highschool FINA on traffic, Jerry West draft day trade for him. He and shack team up. They search around trying to find the right coach. They finally get Phil Jackson. They win a couple of titles, but then as he wins with all that success comes, the arrogance, the trappings of fame, whatever happened in Colorado. Then the fallout was shack, the break-up the team suffers. He wants to be traded to Chicago. He wants to, he wants out of LA, people forget all of that. And then somehow then there's the comeback and the two additional titles so much so that he is a beloved, not just beloved iconic member of the Lakers so much so that some people are having a tough time going from team Kobe to team LeBron score sixty points in a meaningless game. But because it's Kobe and he does Mamba out as one of the greatest. Moments I've ever seen it. There's something about the comeback which draws us in even if it's your own reason that you your own fault that you had to have a comeback. Like that's the crazy part to it. Tigers downfall can be blamed, mostly untidier woods. Isn't that outside factors there? Sure. He hurt his knee. Sure is hurt his kidneys tendon, but most people believe it's because he wasn't trading properly. Because of the way his swing hit evolved. He's doing navy seal training to be a golfer because he wanna play army army army kid. Games that most of us played when we were seven or eight, he was trying to play in his late twenties because there's some sort of arrested development going on there. And even the stuff that happened at home and his wife. Those are self inflicted wounds, but the comeback from the self inflicted Boone is just as just as something we can share because who hasn't done that to themselves..

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