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Enough tko dude i. It's yeah it's you know. Lay kicks picking him apart. You know just you know being able to just stay on the outside and just outworked. Brian is what i think is gonna end up happening. So i'm looking at mybookie right now. I had my bookie has volkan oscar as a minus one sixty favorite so here. He is a slight favorite. Brian ortega plus one thirty underdog and that's typical across the board. He looked at some of the other sites in there around the same. So everyone's in agreeance with this. You know Brian coming off of a victory of korean zombie. But that was. When was that like back in twenty twenty twenty dollars tober of last year. Almost a year ago Before that he had a bad loss to max or if you remember that fight back in december of two thousand eighteen. But max holloway tuned his ass up dude max with even coaching him in the middle of a fight saying let one point like no no. Don't do that do this. No just fucking should not really talking shit but like actually coaching him like dude. Don't be doing that so like a big brother talking to a little brother you know and yeah you can. I heard someone say. I think he was kenny. Florian on their podcast he mentioned. You can improve your striking quickly over time if you add if you try at it you know what i mean but versus like you're grappling. You know what. I mean like someone could be a high level grappler and you might not ever be able to catch up to them. You can try and try and try. But you're not you know like the zeno and curtis blades fight. No matter how much wrestling zeno puts in. He's never going to be able to catch up to curtis blades because he's just got to know all the tricks you know right but striking you can you can grow by leaps and bounds and and and brain showed.

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