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For your brain the tom urban program rick excuse me in seattle washington tom i'm i'm homesick today but luckily to catch you not covering this trial it's going to be for the supreme court today between the washington who unfortunately he's taking the wrong course against a native tribes here in the state of washington this is right i'm sure you remember the bolt decision that gave the treaty rights to have to catch of salmon to the native people here in the state of washington i do not but i'll take your word for it well it's it's big here in the northwest because you know we were having less and less salmon every year and there's been fights since the seventies that native american people have gone to jail over just yet followed those over the years in the paper right well anyway that was the baltic decision that was did that i would say it's important today our state our state attorney general bob ferguson is going for the supreme court to argue that it's too hard for the state of washington cost us a million dollars to remove barriers that are in the culverts go underneath the roads in the state of washington to make sure that salmon can get to their accustomed places which is the language that the that this stevens isaac stevens treaty going all the way back treat all the treaties factor in the eighteen sixties said that indian should be able to get there you know be able to fish hunt in they're accustomed places and culverts make that more difficult million dollars is not that much and i wanted to lose this because diverting water there's barriers inside the call verts you know like they try to keep debris from going through or something so the salmon spawn up through culverts is that what you're saying salmon have to go upstream wherever they can that's what the salmon do they want to go upstream and they wanna laid their eggs and they want to get succeeding generation there's for sure anyway our state attorney attorney general's name is bob ferguson and his office number is three six seven five three sixty two hundred i'll repeat that three.

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