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It was to head down to the nation's capital for a visit with bob woodward and elsa walsh to journalists under one roof as an old news man myself i felt right at home elon. Bob began talking about how to save the world. The moment we walked in they live in a beautiful section of georgetown by bought this great colonial house just a few years before he and elsa matt but they've turned it into a lovely home by maggie their miniature poodle who followed us from room to room as we set up our gear. Just a cub reporter. They had laid out some delicious snacks. Which i'm afraid. We dove into somewhat noisily at times once we settled in also talked about growing up as one of six kids with four sisters and a brother. I was surprised to learn that. Just like marlowe. As a young girl. She never dreamt of getting married. My parents were irish immigrants. My mom was actually eight months pregnant with me when she came with my dad. My dad was a civil engineer. Any sort of all over the world and wanted to go to san francisco for a year. He thought it would be fun. My dad was on bipolar and Handsome intelligent but you know pretty up and down meaty so she had a rough time with your father. You know a lot of fun but he could be difficult and My mom she was just this sort of safe harbor of of both love and on and acceptance. And when i think about marriage and what was important that i learned from her was just that you're in it and you you stay in it. Is that what you did want to get married because you have to stick with it forever. Now you know you always like to think of yourself as being sort of an independent operator with all your own thoughts being very original but all the great icons at that time. Gloria steinem back girl. They weren't getting married now. That was being strong and that in spain Adventurous and so. I think i wanted to be part of that movement. So when i met. Bob i didn't want to marry you but i wanted to be with you. You met in the newsroom. We use smitten. Right away is interesting. Then bradley swiped silly runner in to meet the editor of the local at your you. There's just something. How old were you really out. You're not two thousand. Eighteen thirty seven hundred sixty six thirty seven and just hit over heels in love physically emotionally and the added benefit of the risk. Now you may not agree is you sometimes didn't like the secrecy now. That's true. But i understood why we secret. We married right now. But i wasn't working for him but he was in the chain of command and You know being in journalism. It was like a hotbed of gossip all the time. Yeah part of it is so much of what you do during your reporting processes secretive. And you can't talk about it with a lot of people and you can trust. You can trust right. I mean one of the things we were talking about is that we were just this weekend when i tell you about deep throat. When did i tell you who it was again. Was it like eighty two or eighty three. That's now i think it was eighty one. I think we've been going out and head of relationship for maybe year and we were up to dinner on street member that you list who was deep throat and i said well allow you told her out. How many people who told up till then curl bradley and it was. So why did you trust her. Be be around. You know when you see it. You must have been really impressed that he trusted you with. I was really. I was surprised to realize very ever talked about afterwards. Thought you might check back. I just love that. He instinctively trusted her with one of the biggest secret in american history. I got the sense that their connection to each other has a lot to do with their childhoods. Elsa had this incredibly stable family over father's was bipolar but my was not stable at all. My parents were divorced. When i was quite young about twelve or thirteen and her mother hospital hit a nervous breakdown and my father came to say that my mother kris of out of the hospital now. And she's married tom. Barnes who was my father's best friend. And i remember thinking to myself. You're in this alone. Well you can have a mother. The father and friends and you're in alum in was very kind of just you know in your view. Think your mom's loves you enough to leave the marriage and marry somebody else let alone my best friend and it was so painful but also kind of off okay. I'm this. I'm in this alone. And i gotta figure it out how hand After college i was in the navy. And i present signed up for naval. Rotc and i married a woman. Who is my high school sweetheart is they say she was very smart. Lovely person and when i was off on your marriage just fell apart and it was kind of second act of the. Oh okay and then. After nixon resigned i was in a romance and got married second time and we had tell league in that didn't last and i didn't last because she essentially we had tell and left with tally and that was kind of the third act of okay. You're in this lung so when we started going now and when my mother died i wanted to get married but i was embarrassed to propose to you because i felt i had all of these. Two earlier failed marriages and you were. You know wonderful and we were married in nineteen eighty nine. I think i was surprised when bob asked me to marry him. Because it was unexpected. And i remember we've been together long nine years. And it was unexpected fabulous unexpected. We were out at our house in maryland and we were sitting out on this little small sun room that we have and we were talking about his mom on who died and he said Nothing would make their happier than if you would marry me. And instead of shocked. I was.

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