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Had eighty five yards. So he had more. He was double the amount of running back carries for the eagles yesterday. Yeah. But they weren't playing from behind the. I know. But I guess my point is that even when he had an average three and a half yards a carry. The also ran Chris ivory fourteen times. They're trying whatever they can do to not have Josh Allen throw in any pressure situations. And they got to win. All I'm saying is it may be depending on what happens with them. Because right now, they're sitting Sean McDermott up there. There's there's the two and three. So there's still more or less technically in the hunt Merrill, John how buckle how about the way the young quarterbacks. The rookie quarterbacks are performing right now. The National Football League Josh Allen, regardless of how many times he threw was part of a win in buffalo stew. You look at the Baker Mayfield. Hey quarterback the Browns Sam darnold. Look great. Yeah. Sam darnold for three touchdown passes. As the jets beat Denver. He's terrific and the other guy Sam. Josh Rosen as plumbing verte win Arizona, and he's done a rookie Howard. But your old buddy big red. He has quite the finding Pat Mahomes. Oh my God. Well yesterday, but the rest of the team around him, so good. Dave Holmes is good. Oh my goodness. When he moved up from twenty seven to ten he knew exactly what he was doing getting Howard Merrill. You look around the league this. This sport is set up for the future. Very well with these young quarterbacks see one in Philly. But there there's a bunch of amount. And you don't even have to worry about them getting hurt because all they are is tagged. You know who win the game the jets yesterday. I didn't even realize it Crowell. He had two hundred nine thousand nine hundred fifteen Gary Darnell darnold only through for twenty twenty two times. Ten for twenty two. You only completed ten pairs three of them were touchdowns. Right. I I get it Robbie Donald has a heck of it on. Yeah. He does. I Baker mayfield's the guy. He threw for women. He threw for three hundred ninety eight yards and one of them was seventy six. He's fun Arnold. He has he has resurrected the Cleveland Browns more than any other starting about darnold. But. Bake. I made a mistake bigger had some yards. They just they're not. They're not finding the end zone. But that's a different. That's a different team within back there. Now, there's some good young quarterbacks. Really are the eagles have. Right..

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