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Good on the promise of the president's climate vision as being one that on net creates far more jobs, millions. We hope this is a test of the emergency alert system. This concludes this test of the emergency alert system. Nothing you didn't know. Hey, you who works on the pipeline? Hey, 50 year old you who works on the pipeline. Go get yourself retrained. Why not? It would have been better if people would just judge just said, learn to code. It would have been better. It would have been just easier. Tol Splain learn to code was something that was said on social media specifically Twitter When, um When newspapers were laying people off. Right on people like we'll learn to code and it was considered an insult to journalists. As a matter of fact, they considered it some level of hate speech and would block you on social media on Twitter. If you use the hashtag That's that's everything. But a judge just said. That is a stunning, stunning answer. That is and should reverberate around the Midwest. Cause that's who he's talking to notice. Nobody on the coasts, not a single person in New York or San Francisco will get affected. Doc Kaiser, who's You're like me? That guy's Indiana Could give to you know Whats About you. If you're in Nebraska, you know what people to judge thinks of you. You understand? This thing starts in in Hardisty. Right? The existing pipeline system. Cuts through the Dakotas into Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and down into Texas. Keystone Project sweeps it around, saving some time going through Montana. Kind of hitting that little corner there where it means North Dakota through South Dakota into Nebraska. Steel city, Nebraska If we want to be specific And this is what Pete Buddha judge thinks of you in order. They're going to create these so called climate jobs, which you're not going to be available to get. You would think you would say now, the people in Nebraska. They don't have to worry, because here's what we're gonna do. No, he just said it's a hope. Wow..

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