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From the guys who via louise coach to get is you know he doesn't have any at coaching experience or you're talking about you know jumping into the deep under the pool you know and as a little blindly uh i guess a lot of that would also depend on who would he name as his coordinators and the people he would lean on and how much experience that they have you know show i i wouldn't underestimate him because i again i go back to some of the individual work he's done you know a guy like randall cobb who you know he's been really good in the nfl that was a t guy kentucky he's developed some really good players as a college coach all right that is bruce melvin sigmatic sports also s icom thanks so much appreciated you got it always a pleasure to talk to you i just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to guy cal i've never sell more disclaimer cannot guarantee you'll feel more alive you are to possess functioning respiratory and circulatory systems pull you do not you will resolve the if you or indeed abrines storms on the and would like to save money on car insurance look like a legal team applaud your x like choices even in your shambling after life what we strongly encourage you to visit geicocom or download the geico app please a minimum of five hundred feet away from our lord and presumably delicious delicious brayton's geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more the right time with boumani jones so jim drought in jay z rate where galea's pna god report is very very interesting that the nfl has agreed to commit eighty nine million dollars over seven years to what they are called social justice causes now the way did this come about of this has been implemented but the way that this come about is there is there that.

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