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Edition of the Patriot speed podcast Evan Lazar Alex Barth arrested box with Mark Schofield. And it's very deserving to have Mark on here with us. We are going to talk quarterbacks per usual whenever I have Mark on we usually Deep dive into the QB's. So obvious going to get into the draft QBs in the second. Justin Fields drive all the way down to Jaime Newman and Davis Mills and Kyle Trask and all those guys as well. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of it we did want to discuss quickly just the Jets trading of Sam darnold to the Carolina Panthers and this trade apparently came together when the Jets were like Justin Fields is pro day at Ohio State with Carolina there as well and I think Carolina took one. Look at Justin Fields is throwing session got his proteges. Like this guy's not making it to us at 8, right and and then they decided to make this move for Sam darnold. So that's where things stand right now. It's the Jets. I think we can basically shot in Zach Wilson at this point in New York and we can maybe get into that a little bit too. But just Mark your initial reaction to the Jets giving up on Sam darnold and be just shared Patriots fans. I don't want to use the word worried cuz I don't think anybody's ever truly worried about the Jets but does Zach Wilson moved the needle at all for you? Because to me it kind of feels like a trading Sam darnold for a younger Sam darnold at this point. Yeah. I mean, there's definitely some of that Evan. I mean I think with respect to this trade Carolina was looking at it like if we could sit at 8 and baby get Cuba four or five in this draft. We might not like that quarterback at all, you know potentially could before it could be Justin Fields as crazy as that sounds to me, but look a dog After again or Jeremiah or today saying that it's Matt Jones at 3. Which again? Okay. So Carolina was like look, we're not going to roll the dice that he's going to be there will take some sort of agency over this decision off and we'll go get a quarterback will get a year or two out of Sam darnold. We can build around him if he works out great. If not, we'll have to reset the quarterback decision two years from now and if anybody could sort of fix Save Arnold aside from just getting them all from Adam gase. Maybe he'll Brady can do it. So I understand it from Carolinas perspective. I think as far as Wilson to the Jets, um, it's a scheme fit, you know, you see the production company had from his sophomore junior year. It was in a lot of those outside Zone boot action will flourish and hand McVeigh system, which is going to be running. So the ski if it makes sense, I mean, you know, you say Sam darnold I say maybe there's some Baker to him. Yeah, either way..

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