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And kings talk and aj while you're giving us your comment and question i'll uh try and come up with another trivia question for you high aj all right be going negt what they will all good what's up i've served two questions well first one is uh in a game wants to marry you got already talked about them but how much in the p a guy like jeff carter and what if he specifically praying to a game like the night at the kind of help us turn turned the pride and the my second question in these two losses which were kind of similar um you know tonight with a bit more of a grand it out game what what worries you about a game like calgary in a game like tonight uh about seeing this team in the playoffs yeah well um jeff carter you know obviously a great offense of talent and we we talked about this a couple of weeks ago when gabric came back in the lineup from his injury and establish player proven goalscorer over hundred goals if he's in the lineup the opposition has to account for him uh and and that's the true with the guy true with the like a carter a whether he's playing on your first lied second line on the power play you have to be aware of when jeff carter is on the ice because of his skill set in his skating ability so uh yeah he's just another weapon you have in your arsenal and uh you know the kings you know it's been so long as jeff has played almost three months now that you cannot forget that uh hey the king's you're doing okay without jeff the they're going to be a lot better when he comes back in and they should be better when he comes back and i i think when you look at it jeff carter not being in line up it kind of changes the way that rob blake and.

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