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Tax evasion bank fraud and wire fraud a production company called seven C. production which was paid the fees that the TV stations paid for the show of course that was not declared as income in federal tax returns BJ pack US attorney for northern Georgia says the couple didn't pay taxes for four years because rich and you're on TV show that mean that the law is not going to come get you when you come committee federal crime the couple CPA is also facing charges so it's not like they just didn't pay taxes they just failed to declare which is different like some people they go they avoid there the different contractors happened to me and you know I didn't know I forgot about this that the other and and there's other people just you know it it's it's they just again I don't think they're gonna go to jail anything I've watched the show a couple times I'm not gonna be honest with you actions about a your job was like find some of these people right like how do they like who is this guy and who says Hey I got an idea for this guy and TV like who it late that was that I always wonder that like who found like dog the bounty hunter and thought that's that's the guy right there with that guy TV like is there a scout out there doing that it's possible I guess good gigs walking around like every time there's ever anything you want to watch they've got a show of on Netflix for glassblowing right and they got a show where they make knives in like yeah Hey today you guys gonna make a whatever and we're going to put a giant piece of cap you got to try to cut through it and ancient assassins I got stopped for everybody it's it's amazing I'm like wow who's thinking we got a lot of time to fill speaking of television Britain I'm like us is trying to crackdown on ads that they see as well not reflecting the reality of things a pair of distracted dad's portrayed in a next dead for Philadelphia cream cheese wow this launch leaving babies on a food conveyor valves that ad banned in the U. K. the advertising standards authority saying it relied on the stereotype that men were unable to care for children as well as a woman and implied that the fathers had failed to look after the children properly because of their gender the regulator also banning a Volkswagen ad showing men doing adventurous activities while the woman sits on the bench beside a baby carriage I don't know how I feel about that look hi this is that what you just have to watch American television to find out that men are idiots and the fact that we can even get up in the morning and function as human beings hell that's what prime time comedy television is all about right just watch a lot of it's like wow if it wasn't for her right like everybody loves Raymond heat drugs is not because of surprises a reporter I watch commercials as a dad I get offended I'm like really like you think dad's of that idiotic yes yes yes we do we do they're all like Peter Griffin I think this but again the H. your product I don't I don't know if I die I know if I did that here I have an answer I know if I would I like the fact that we anyways we're so woke that will tell you if we think it's wrong and then you'll be scared and you'll pull three two three five three twenty four twenty three at jet bed to judge whether you could swear that as your useless fact all the days of our he is the most isolated population center on earth most twenty four hundred miles California almost four thousand miles to Japan and forty nine hundred miles to China they're isolated is what we're trying to say have a good rest your Wednesday we'll do it all again tomorrow got you over the hump we always do yeah that's a joke that I Jack you're listening to ask Chad.

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