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On iheartradio the million dollar question will it happen that june twelfth meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un is still up in the air today during a white house meeting with south korea's visiting president moon jae in trump hinted at summit could be postponed the scheduled as you know on june twelfth in singapore and whether or not it happens you'll be knowing pretty soon but we're talking right now trump says he does not like the change in attitude he's picked up recently from kim overnight about two dozen journalists from the us uk china and russia all ride north korea to cover the plan dismantling of a major north korean nuclear test site cbs news correspondent ben tracy is the only u s broadcast network news journalists in north korea right now he spoke to cbs news radio from one son on north korea's east coast ben tracy was asked about the reaction there to the uncertainty surrounding next month's summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jon un in singapore me get a little bit of a feeling that there's an here but i have not heard anyone yet say anything along the lines of you know canceling the summit or not going or making any derogatory comments about the united states or president trump north korean state media warned again today the budding detente with the us and south korea could be in danger mainly because of the us south korean joint military exercises now underway the situation with north korea will be among the topics congressman joe kennedy will discuss when he appears on nightside with dan rae tonight in the eight o'clock hour right here on wbz newsradio ten thirty senator marco rubio tweets that china appears to be out negotiating the trump administration on trade the florida republican writes that beijing has so far secured concessions from the us quote without giving up anything meaningful in return rubio writes this has hashtag not winning wbz news time one forty two in sports now after the day off yesterday the.

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