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Amiss for quite some time because i think that maybe she was too embarrassed to call off the wedding before the wedding happened but knew the stuff was wrong and now i would think i don't know i don't think it did they register for gifts to they get gifts um i think i tried to rs who people for what i you know how yulia klausner went to she yes waiter and his friends with the lynch goes on to dinner with their in london i love it i'm so jealous i did not i dislike someone like leaked the link at the rcp lincoln i try i bet she register insurance after she didn't get to yet with the account flaw wells' her experiencing that uh i mean she was acting like a new bride what getting married was spinning around by result has weird that he decided it 'cause it's not like he's like a cereal merrier who gets to cereal husband so weird that he decided for the first time to do it especially if he didn't want to be on reality tv why did he mary someone that's on reality that's what i only yeah and he dated consecutively three women on that same show within like a couple of months period like he i don't know do you think he banged ruhuna shy said he like they did some very slowly shirts stuff oh she says she doesn't count oral sex away she blew him say about yeah i think she bloom i'm learning scientists apartment this is though he'll play like that i don't watch occurs something temer barney said in a recent interview talking about ramona that like she loved ramona mario together they had spent a lot of time together like going out to dinner and stuff like i guess when tamarick be in town and that ramona had told her that mario was still going down on her.

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