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He says you don't know anything about islam you. You're a fool you're an idiot. You're abou- he didn't call me this llama foam and that was before the term was invented so he just goes on screaming any starts while i called looping that returns to the same anything over and over and over again and so i just stand there because i dealt with these people before and i learned something if you'll just wait long enough they'll finally stopped to inhale and so he finally did before i could reply woman came in from the hall instead of this. This lecture hall is due to be used in five minutes. You'll have to leave so are we left with the point. I'm making areas. I got one more point. I'll make but the point. I'm saying that he made was did he criticize a single technique that i used. Did they say that the fact that this is wrong. Did he say your interpretation of this. Idea is wrong. He just said that. I am a bad person. Which is what the left is doing now. Demon routes. I call it sorry about the noise in the background in other words. It's a demon wraps. The democrats rhapsody the the people that basically want to stop discussion. They don't wanna dialogue. That's why you see even in san francisco changing the names of criminals and drug addicts sue can have have a dialogue nope and by the way there and this is the university that emma by the way. I didn't tell the the man was screaming yelling l. and he was the head of the middle east department and by the way there was one more little pieces of the story which i think is worth relating it was in the audience danced to my best friends and their daughter now the to their their mother and the father keene we were best friends but she looked at me with a little down because after all she's going to vanderbilt university ourselves as a student and she's being taught at the university than anybody who says anything wrong about islam is of course a bad person person so what happened was. This man from the middle. East department came around to the door to start haranguing me. When soon as i left she walked out she says hi my name is such in such and when i took my judaism wanna one course you came in and told us that islam had very special treatment for jews and the protected us. She said this man has told a different story story today she says what are you saying that and he said well these cards hard right conservative. She says i don't hear about conservatives. I don't wanna hear about left and right..

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