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Of people talking about that what is that? That's This is some contra. Brain swelling nobody does notes are actually our lead magnet from these episodes. So to get people on our mailing list after listening to this episode, they could go grab the notes that we took on this episode. So and it's like in-depth cliff's notes right it. So that's that really shaped our business model is that's how we grow our list is the podcast to the new to the notes that we take, and then we are monetization is through affiliate marketing and our equity deals. Amazing. Fantastic a cool story. Catalysts you Sir Thank You give us the because you've done some amazing things that are last like a contributor of capitalism dot com for I. Think it was about a year or so what a few years ago we're saying it's like twenty years ago. Speak in years. Yeah. Yeah. Take his back though because I know you've done some interesting things before then. Did some exits scaling you have a book now. So yeah, we're to Ryan start in I. Mean I'm I'm best known for building, physical products brands and my biggest success stories taking a six hundred dollar investment growing out with my partner Matthew to business that was pacing about ten million dollars in top line revenue we sold that at a five x multiple, which at the time was was a lot effing in two thousand seventeen with we finalize the exit. Nice and so that's that's where I made sixty to seventy percent of my. And then I have my podcast couples dot com the put all my attention after the exit into is not comparable formula inspire entrepreneurs and to to push against what I see is the movement that is kind of peaking at this point of anti capitalist. Movement as so might my background is growing up or in Cleveland Ohio and always wanting to be an entrepreneur and being a young kid who? Didn't have anything on. To be a shot and now I kind of get my excitement by backing the other kids who didn't have a shot and giving them a clear plan to have a successful business, and that's what we do a capitals com. So where so obviously, the Cleveland Indians goal came in because he grew up in Cleveland. What made you decide? I want to I want to own a baseball team one day where did that that whole goal trajectory come from? Kidney not since nine years old I wanted to be the general manager of a baseball team that was my dream job GM specifically. That's interesting. Yes. I wanted. So I've always been you ever see a mighty ducks remember Charlie with the main character played by the guy from Dawson's Creek. And what time what time he goes into a into. His coaches often he's like I make a better manager than I would've player coach that was me I played baseball but my but I was always I was a kid I would make up a line of give it to my coach but this is what it should be. Wow. You're wrong about your lineup is this. What should be half the time? I wasn't even on it We WanNA. Win. Bench. Not Look for look splitters..

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