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To you from our Jimmy Johns it's of Lexington Broadcast Studios and joined now by the man himself Mr Joe Talamo who flew all night long to get to Monmouth Park. You arrive there about five thirty this morning and he is with us now here on H.. R. N. Joe First of all thanks for taking the time time and I don't know how you do it my friend. I hope you could sleep on a plane my pleasure thanks for having me yeah. Actually me and Mike Smith both flew together but we <hes> we both slept pretty good on there so that helps you know I was thinking back to the first time that you joined us on this program Graham and I can't remember if it was two thousand seven. Maybe that kind of sounds right when we stopped by the fairgrounds for the Louisiana Derby and you were there as a kid yeah back seventeen. You're still a college. You're writing for Bobby Frankel that I was seventeen seven. You're very fortunate to be able to ride for Bobby Frankel when you were an apprentice because everybody that ever did that turned out to be an excellent writer in your no exception to that rule off. I fell in love with that day and I still love you all thank you know he and he was a real big part of me coming out to California if it wasn't for him <hes> I'm not sure where I'd be Ryan but he was definitely one that steering me out here. Come such a long way since that first interview with us all those years ago and you're still at the top of your game you've won nearly two thousand races in your career countless graded stakes and looking to add the Haskell to that list later today. Tell us it's about mutual Gustav <hes> he he's really training unbelievable <hes> and as you said earlier I mean he's got five wins the second and third I mean he's just Israeli model of consistency <hes> you can do anything with them. I mean he's such a quick or something gates or right away. You put in the race on his quick enough to go to the League but but he can definitely said off. He's actually better if he can. <hes> have a little target in front of it so many times he just brakes quickey. He naturally ends up in front. <hes> so it's GonNa be interested in the first sixteenth of a mile relay because really the four horses inside on the anyone could show speeding and obviously maximum security is really quick course so it's interesting who commenced who doesn't on the I sixteen to rate them mile. How long does it take you to know what your strategy is going to be? When you come out of that starting gate I mean it really depends what would the different type of hoist arrived but but with him I mean like I said he's one he? He's on pretty good gate horse <hes> so you don't WanNa take that away from you definitely <hes> when the break good insecure position and then Kinda Kinda see what everyone else..

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