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What do you make of this particular deal due be equal often case a a fantastic w w a much lower sp free set. This is a matching much. If sold this in the attitude era how much money they would invite then. Yeah integrate time for wwe content but they still able to go out one one thing that's really worth pointing out is the fact that because a lot of people are getting confused with you know. The show's roaring smackdown. Going over and that kind of thing Oviously that's not the case This is just for the wwe networking. If i'm honest Offering w w network has gone as as followers it could. They don't seem to be able to pick up any more casual fans Yes they always do. Where will they quote financials. Because i always give out free month so they make it look good on their record books for that but realistically they don't make it any more so i think it's kind of run. Its coast why. I'm really fascinated is is the fact that you've got folks that you know all gonna abate guk and a half though in a white advertise for nbc 'cause obviously cnbc Own picot this is their expansion. There be company they obviously realised that go to on the streaming network to keep up with the competitors But but realistically that means fox is go to promote their competitor in an embassy product for that type of us so i would imagine not napa further down the line that ww start sending their pipe of us. I think about the top full whether you can call that full. But rumble mania summer slam. Insufficiencies showed to a package deal with somebody else like a third party. I think that'll come off the network together Because i could do that but obviously they're gonna have to make a lot better than it's been in the recent years ago have to make it fit potent again. But that wouldn't surprise me. Because i and the thing is well we saw. I'm interested to see how much the network that sauna now remains on peacock. Like what. I take certain things You know we all know about how ben wall stuff of. I might lie of it. But that's going to be a thing to think about as well and obviously they've got like companies like You know From the territories. I've heard that they're all going to be going over. So we might lose some stuff Owed together. But i just wanna throw out there the ww networking general when it first come along Certainly in my inner circle we all really looking forward to having a wwe network like. It was a dream christmas comma early. And wow you can go on an aqueduct waiver. I've one click. Dvd's i've been videos anymore. but that noval a i thought what east but it wore a really fast And i i just don't think they've they've done the best we. I don't think they makia very well. On this shows every week they could easily throw out some stuff but yeah I i i just think people a lot fans of jumps on it anytime. This this deal between fox then W w must be in trouble is a bad thing blah blah blah. I she think is a good thing. I think they're going to pick up more audience on the peacock network. Just imagine if it was like netflix amazon. Forty account and you get this wrestling your going to check it out just for curious. Reasons come kostya a massive as well. They own sky over here..

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