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I just turn my mic. Oh, there's always a favorite like, there's always a favorite. No matter. What? So when you guys walked out for a second, Mark. And I were talking about big love the first wife is always in like what I call pole position. She always has like a little more Jews a little bit more. He's the boss y you guys need to watch big love. And then I jump back to me. I feel like there's always a favorite sometimes your Mike back on Michael. He turned it off. Why are you mad at me? Oh, no. Back home. It was a little I missed What it. I believe in monogamy. And you're like, really, yeah. Really come on. Well, come on. If you really believe democracy when cheat come on. Well, so I can never say I can never say the rest of my life. I believe in monogamy now. Okay. I was making jokes jokes to a certain extent. That was not a joke. Well, ASA was I laughed. Well, she said before this is obviously going to be really triggering for her. Right. But some jabs the jabs might come on. I'm I'm just saying I'd like we we want to be able to talk about this stuff and not feel like I can't say anything without. Being being jabbed every time. That's all. I'm saying. I sorry. I'm sorry. I see that. And I'm sorry. And I'm sorry triggering, and I apologize that you're upset. And then it sugaring Sarah jabbed do is. I didn't mean to jab. I I was making a joke, but is very triggering. When you say that that's what you believe in. But yet you don't live that are Dula that didn't live that occur. Even that's different. Okay. So you don't live there. And I didn't live that totally different cat currently presently. For the last two and a half years. I love that. That sounds good. Sometimes Michael I'm just going to throw one thing in their humor or sarcasm can be gentle way of healing. So sometimes, but it's also can be your way of of hiding feelings behind something. Well, with my feeling is I'm like, we'll don't say that. What would you rather say, what do you believe in Michael, I believe that? I was a piece of no I would have said like, I know you might not believe is because of my past. But I believe in you know, as you this is triggering situation. But I would like to say though, wouldn't it be easier just have done that? Instead like, I mean is that something where you could you could do that. I don't know. We're talking about us. I thought we were talking about the people in your used aspirin question. What do you believe in? I my personal belief is monogamy, right? Yes. I've been live by that. Right. So that's what's triggering. I understand that. I believe you, Michael. I believe you. I believe me. I believe you to everyone. Look at me. I'm just saying silent on the quarterback. I I thought that he is any heating. I think it's interesting..

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