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So it's difficult to think of pumpad not bringing that up as a direct issue between Russia in America dynamic between might pumpad pitcher, Mike Pompeo will be such Radin. Putin will be. Relaxing when the seams. What's what is the encountered likely to be like, given the Pompeo doesn't hold back when he decides to criticize he doesn't. But on the other hand this as you mentioned his first trip official trip as secretary of state to Russia. He has to remember his boss might not. But he has to remember that, you know, he's a diplomat effectively, and therefore he has to talk in diplomatic terms to a certain extent. So whilst he will bring up these issues, and I'm sure he will bring up the question twenty sixteen interference. He will bring it up in diplomatic terms. I would imagine just one thing which which suggests that he will hold back. Another issue is that recently to Russians or sentenced long prison. Terms Montenegro for an attempted coup and indeed murder of the Montenegrin Prime minister. And there was there was sentenced the State Department. The US State Department issued a very strongly worded statement on that. At issue saying, you know, the Russians can't do this sort of thing, basically. And apparently on pump hairs instructions the following day was taken off the website. So he is a diplomat. He's in a row. So I think that whatever he says, we'll never be counts in the language of diplomacy, which of course, kind of weak and we've done about what the left Stephen del. Thank you very much indeed becoming into Monaco twenty four. You're listening to the list. It's time to business. Andrew remers, financial journalist finna Mayes and joins me on the line. Now. Welcome back. Andrew starting off Monday with some pretty bad news Yuba, it started public training trading last week and things did not go. Well. Good morning fight. I was was a biz stone monkey debut. And as you said, it was a great fest..

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