Sympathetic Nervous System discussed on The Sheepdog Project - SDP Episode 10: Fight or Flight


Uh not a good example is the doctor so don't take that is medical advice but what i'm saying is be healthy okay this is the reason to be healthy don't wait until the moment of the fight or flight response to put your body through that cardiac stress test you need to be stressing herself before that and making sure that your body can handle it the other thing that you need to do is you need to train harder and i'm not just talking about your physical training i'm talking about your martial arts training i'm talking about your weapons training you're armed and unarmed combat skills you need to train those harder and train them properly because you need to build those good habits now when you are arrested and when you're not fighting against your own sympathetic nervous system need to build that muscle memory we say this time and time and time again when the chips are down in times of high stress you're going to resort remember it's the primitive brain it's taken over your primitive rain is calling the shots so you have to have those patterns of muscle memory established you have to have trained properly up to that point because the cognitive senators of your brain are largely bypassed especially during those first few seconds so you have to train properly and train harder train train train i can't emphasize this enough so that when the chips are down when you're in that highstress environment you're going to do what's right because your body knows what to do without the prefrontal cortex without thinking about the other stuff is just going to do it you have to build these pathways these these these neuro chemical pathways need to get established in your training so that when you need it it's there you don't even think about it you just go.

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